Having a to work rectifier regulator is one of the an essential elements to keeping a healthy and also reliable motorcycle. The rectifier regulator switch AC strength to DC enabling the alternator to charge the battery, and controls the amount of power delivered to the battery. Without a to work rectifier-regulator, a weak, dead, or overcharged battery would be the result. In the instance you room experiencing these symptoms, a digital multimeter deserve to be used to check the rectifier function. This handheld tester enables you to check the voltage and also will aid determine if the rectifier have to be replaced.

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Things come Note

The multimeter must be collection to Volts DC. You will be trying to find a voltage range of 13.2 Volts DC and also 14.8 Volts CD. If you room seeing reduced readings, that implies that over there is a fail in her charging system and also the rec/reg might be the culprit. If it’s higher, operating the motorcycle could be causing damages to her battery and also any voltage-sensitive electronics on the vehicle. It is crucial that you exercise caution when trial and error the voltage to protect against being shocked and you should know the straightforward safety needs for working with electric systems. If you are unsure of your skills, it’s ideal you take your motorcycle come a qualified technician.

If you believe you space qualified come proceed, then the next step is to check running voltage across the battery.

Steps for testing Battery Voltage

Step 1

Set her multimeter to measure up DC voltage and connect the hopeful and an adverse leads come the matching battery terminals. Your battery need to be charged, providing you a reading of around 12.5-12.9 volts DC (check your details battery’s specifications for precise numbers).

Step 2

Start the motorcycle and rev the engine to 5000rpm.

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Step 3

Using the multimeter, check the exact same battery terminals again. You should receive a reading of 13.5 come 14.5 volts if her rectifier-regulator is work correctly.

If the readings space not in ~ the normal range, that is time to start testing the charging device components. Ricks Motorsport Electrics supplies the industry’s many reliable OEM rectifier-regulators, including a complete line uniquely designed to likewise work with lithium ion batteries. Click below to discover more.