This information defines what you can eat if you’re adhering to a 2-gram salt diet.

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About the 2-Gram sodium Diet

Sodium is a mineral that helps balance fluids in her body. It’s found in nearly all foods. ~ above this diet, you border the total amount of sodium you eat or drink come 2 grams, or 2,000 milligrams (mg), daily. One teaspoon of salt consists of 2,300 mg that sodium, therefore you’ll have to take in much less than this amount per day.

This diet have the right to be provided to manage:

Heart diseaseHigh blood pressureKidney diseasePoor liver functionWeight acquire from water retention (such together swelling in her legs) back to height

Understanding sodium Claims

The complying with table consists of sodium insurance claims you’ll find on packaged foods. Understanding what these claims mean can aid you eat much less sodium.

We’ve likewise included how many servings of these foods items you have the right to eat every day. This is called your recommended everyday intake.

Sodium ClaimMeaningRecommended daily Intake
“Sodium-free”Less than 5 mg of salt per servingUnlimited
“Salt-free”Less 보다 5 mg of salt per servingUnlimited
“Low-sodium”140 mg of sodium or less per servingLimit come 4 servings daily
“Very low-sodium”35 mg or less of salt per servingUnlimited

Other salt claims

Here are some other sodium insurance claims you may uncover on packaged foods and what castle mean. While this items may contain less salt than their constant versions, that doesn’t guarantee the they’re short in sodium.

“Reduced sodium”

The product consists of at the very least 25% much less sodium every serving contrasted to the regular version the it.

“Light in sodium” or “lightly salted”

The product has 50% much less sodium per serving contrasted to the constant version that it.

“Unsalted,” “without included salt,” and “no salt added”

These assets were processed there is no salt, while generally these products are processed v salt (such as unsalted pretzels versus continuous pretzels).This no guarantee the the food is salt or salt free. Earlier to peak

Reading Nutrition truth Labels

Most of the sodium you eat comes from packaged and also prepared foods and also drinks, therefore it’s crucial to review the nutrition truth labels to discover the salt content. Around 75% of sodium that you eat originates from eating packaged and restaurant foods. Although countless packaged foods items may no taste salty, they might still have high salt content. Some examples include cereal, bread, and pastries.

On a nutrition truth label, the salt content is always detailed in milligrams because that 1 serving. If you eat or drink 2 servings, you’re getting double the lot of sodium. This way that you’ll need to multiply the amount of sodium per offer by 2.

Checking the percent daily value for salt is likewise a an excellent way to screen your sodium intake. The everyday value for sodium is less than 2,400 mg per day. If the percent everyday value is 5% or less, the food is taken into consideration low in sodium. If the percent day-to-day value is much more than 20%, it’s taken into consideration high in sodium. Remember, if girlfriend have an ext than 1 serving of a food or drink, you would also need main point the % daily value because that the sodium.

The sodium content is circled on the nutrition facts labels listed below (see number 1). You deserve to see the milligrams the sodium and also the percent day-to-day values of salt per serving. The regular chicken soup has actually 37% that your day-to-day value of salt (890 mg), i m sorry is high. The low-sodium version has 6% (140 mg), which provides it a far better choice.

figure 1. Sodium content ~ above nutrition truth labels

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Tips because that Reducing salt Intake

2 teaspoons that garlic powder1 tespoon of dried basil1 tespoon of dried oregano1 teaspoon of powdered lemon rind (or dehydrated lemon juice)

Spice together Nice

2 teaspoons that dried thyme1 teaspoon of dried sage1 teaspoon of dried rosemary2 teaspoons that dried marjoramPut the ingredient of one of two people recipe right into a food mill and mix well. Then label and also store the mixture in a glass container.

Shopping tips

Read the nutrition labels on her food and also drinks.Compare labels and choose the products with the lowest amount of sodium per serving.Choose unprocessed foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (oats, barley, quinoa, and brown rice), and also legumes (beans, peas, and lentils). These foodstuffs are normally low in sodium.Frozen foodstuffs without added sauces commonly contain less sodium than those with included sauces. Be certain to check the nutrition label for particular sodium content.Choose box vegetables labeled “no salt added.”Don’t use salt substitutes unless your medical professional approves them. They may contain potassium, which deserve to be harmful to people with certain clinical conditions, such as kidney failure.Limit the lot of milk, yogurt, and ice cream girlfriend eat to 3 (8-ounce) servings daily. These foods items are moderately high in sodium.Be sure to inspect the food labels on puddings. Some are really high in sodium.Buy unsalted snacks, such together pretzels, nuts, or chips.

Eating in ~ restaurants

If you’re eat at restaurants, there space things you deserve to do to reduce the amount of sodium in her foods.

Many item in restaurants are high in sodium, specifically condiments prefer gravies, sauces, dressings, and marinated foods.When dining out, order her meal without these additions, or ask for them on the side.Dress your salads with oil and also vinegar rather of with ready dressings.Ask to have your food seasoned there is no salt or commodities high in sodium.

Chain restaurants that have actually 20 or more locations have to carry out written nutrition information on their food selection items, including calories, complete fat, calorie from fat, sugars, protein, and sodium. You may see this info on posters, tray liners, signs, counter cards, handouts, or kiosks.

Ask for nutritional informational once you’re eating at among these restaurants. Friend can likewise look up the nutrition truth on the internet prior to you walk to the restaurant. This can assist you make healthy choices.

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High-Sodium Foods

The adhering to is a perform of high-sodium foods. Border these foods while complying with your diet. As soon as reading the nutrition facts labels, you will do it be surprised exactly how much sodium is in them. Numerous of these products are obtainable in a low-sodium version, so try to usage those.

Food GroupHigh-Sodium items to limit or Avoid
DairyButtermilkInstant cocoa mixes, such as Swiss MissCheeses: American, blue cheese, feta, Provolone, Swiss, Edam, and cottage, uneven they come in a low-sodium version.

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Meats and FishSmoked, cured, dried, pickled, canned, and frozen processed meatsDeli meats such as corned beef, salami, ham, bologna, frankfurters, sausage, bacon, chipped beef, and also regular roasted turkeyKosher meatsHerring, sardines, caviar, anchovies, crate tuna, and smoked salmonFrozen entrées and TV dinners
Starches and also BreadsBreads, rolls, and also crackers with included saltSoda breadReady-to-eat cereals with much more than 20% of the everyday Value because that sodiumPizzaSalted chips and pretzels
Vegetables and Vegetable JuiceCanned or jarred vegetables and also vegetable juicesPicklesOlivesSauerkrautTomato juiceRegular tomato sauce and tomato pasteFrozen vegetable in butter saucesCanned and instant soupsBroth or bouillon
CondimentsBottled salad dressingsParty spreads, such together onion or artichoke dips and also cheese spreadsDipsCanned gravies and also saucesBottled salad dressingSoy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and also chili sauceMore than 1 tablespoon of ketchupOnion salt, garlic salt, and also other seasonings include saltTartar sauceCooking wine

Check the ingredient on packaged foods to avoid any of these:

Baking powder and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)Preservatives, together as salt nitrate, salt phosphate, and also sodium benzoateFlavor enhancers, such together monosodium glutamate (MSG)Sweeteners, such as salt saccharineCertain antacid tablet computers (check the brand for sodium content)

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Sample Menu

The following sample menu has meals that are within a 2-gram salt limit.

MealFood or DrinkAmount of salt (mg)
Breakfast4 ounces that orange juice0
1 hard-boiled egg60
2 slices the seven-grain toast260
1 tespoon of unsalted butter0
1 tablespoon that jam or jelly10
8 ounces that low-fat milk120
Coffee or tea5
Lunch1 cup that low-sodium separation pea soup50
Turkey sandwich: 
1 tough roll (3 ½ inches)310
3 ounces of low-sodium turkey breast465
1 tablespoon that mayonnaise80
1 teaspoon of mustard65
Lettuce and tomato5
Fresh fruit0
12 ounces of level or flavored seltzer15
Afternoon Snack4 graham crackers160
2 tablespoons of no salt added peanut butter10
Dinner5 ounces of small salmon90
½ cup that broccoli20
½ cup of carrots50
½ cup of brown rice5
8 ounces of iced tea5
½ cup the frozen yogurt65
Evening Snack1.5 ounces that unsalted pretzels75
Fresh fruit0
Total mg that Sodium1925