Climographs present monthly median temperatures and also precipitation totals top top a solitary graph. Fairly than showing measured data for particular time periods—like the graphs you produced in part A—climographs show long term averages for all 12 month of the year.

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The climograph ~ above the appropriate depicts average conditions in mountain Diego, California. Keep in mind that san Diego receives many of that is rain indigenous November with March with a reasonably dry summer. Temperatures don't readjust much over the year, with summer temperatures approximately 70°F and also winter temperatures near 55°F. Open and also interpret climographs for number of locations. To compare a climograph from your own an ar to those of places with various climates. Check out the monthly precipitation totals ~ above the left axis and the typical temperature for each month ~ above the appropriate axis.

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6. select a city that is no your very own on the Climographs page. Translate the climograph to create a brief description of that location's climate in winter, spring, summer, and also fall.

Other Climatology Graphs

Climographs carry out a an excellent sense of a location's seasonal climate, however they don't call the totality story... The highest possible temperature the the day, generally reached during the afternoon, and the shortest temperature, normally reached around sunrise, carry out extra information about climate.


Graph #1: everyday Mean best Temperatures and also ExtremesThe black line reflects the mean (mean) of all the high temperatures because that each date. The red line shows the highest possible high temperature and also the blue line reflects the shortest high temperature tape-recorded for every date. The shortest high temperatures represent the hottest part of the coolest work that developed on every date.

Graph #2: everyday Mean Minimum Temperatures and ExtremesThis graph reflects the average, highest, and also lowest low temperatures because that each date. The greatest minimum temperatures represent the warmest low temperature of every date. The shortest minimum temps stand for the coldest short temperatures because that each date.

Graph #3: day-to-day mean precipitation and snowfallThis graph mirrors the typical amount the precipitation that fell as rain or snow on each day of the year. Together the quantity of fluid in 1 customs of eye is identical to just 0.1 customs of rain, the scale provided on the graph mirrors this.

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choose a state or territory and also a city climate click Submit. Examine out one graph in ~ a time: review the axes and also examine the lines come make feeling of the information. Use the website to inquiry climatology graphs for three or four different locations across the U.S. Click the links at the bottom of one of the graph pages to accessibility and interpret extr information about each location's climate.

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7. explain the common weather for may 1 at one of the places you chose.8.

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Imagine the you space planning a major outdoor occasion such as a concert or a wedding. Find a date and also a ar that would offer you the finest chance of enduring comfortable temperatures through a short likelihood the rain. Explain your reasoning for the choice you make.

Optional Extension

Steven's institute of Technology's Real world Learning Objects supplies instructions for using Excel to develop a Climatogram. You can download typical high, low, and also median temperatures for your very own city and also generate a climatogram in Excel.

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