We’ve searched Craigslist, OKCupid, and also Airbnb to answer the inquiry “what walk 420 friendly mean?” below in Denver, CO the 420 friendliness level is very high.

There are several flavors that “friendly”. Child friendly. Smoker friendly. Happy friendly. Family friendly. Pets friendly. Name a way of living trait, and also others space either friendly to it or not.

So what does 420 trusted mean? This somewhat cryptic expression refers to friendliness to three culture. To placed it another way, civilization who room 420 friendly room down to acquire high — or at least don’t mental if you do.

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The Legend the 420

Cannabis is the tree of many nicknames. Weed, herb, ganja, marijuana, kush, pot, grass, dope, bud, reefer, the weird tobaccy, the devil’s lettuce, the environment-friendly goddess, the list of weed slang goes on and also on. In today’s legalization landscape right here in Colorado, us can speak to it what we want to call it without fear of the cops or side-eye from a judgy public.

Things weren’t constantly so rosy. Back in the 1970s, weed to be still extremely illegal. Enthusiasts had actually to speak in code, shop the black color market, and also partake in secret. Together legend has it, “420” became code for smoking weed in 1971 in san Rafael, California. A team of high school boys referred to as themselves “The Waldos” since they hung out by the wall surface at school. They began using 4:20 as the time of day they would fulfill to go look for out a secret stash. The ax was later on popularized by the grateful Dead, that picked increase on the codeword while they were in san Rafael, CA.


What go 420 Friendly average Today?

Since its origins ago in the 70s, 420 has stuck together a euphemism because that cannabis. 4:20 is the unofficially hour to partake, and April 20th has become the global “high holiday” to celebrate cannabis culture and progress. The usefulness as a discrete codeword lives on today, particularly on the Internet. Exactly how to recognize if your future roommate, girlfriend, or houseguest is down to toke? autumn a 420 bomb. Stop look in ~ a couple of common internet hangouts whereby “420 friendly” come in supervisor handy for separating friends indigenous foes.

What walk 420 Friendly median on Craigslist?

A search for “420 friendly” ~ above Denver’s Craigslist yields over 700 results. Most of the listings are for room rentals that space chill with chillin’. For example, examine out this adorable room in Conifer, CO. The personal deck has actually a rocking chair that’s just yearning for someone to sit in it v a freshly loaded bowl. Way to go, Conifer room. That’s about as 420 friendly together it gets.


The expression is likewise used because that seeking the end the best roommate scenario. Take it this 420 friendly musician, because that example. He just wants a chilled roommate who has a job and also who doesn’t steal his necessary veggies. Our hearts went the end to him once we read his roommate find story:


“Hey I’m 32, I just moved below in early July and I’m loving it! Unfortunately, I have one roommate that sucks balls and is beginning to it is in a burden. He shed his project right as soon as I acquired here and also hasn’t really sought one since. I’ve been trying to it is in chill yet He’s only hoping come go farm pot in Oregon the finish of following month however by climate he will certainly not have had actually a job in 3 months. If that’s the case, that’s certainly not what ns signed up for. Especially since he’s eating my food(whole foods), trying come bum weed off me (top shelf), and adding made up fees come the rent, while asking for the early.. For this reason yeah, transaction breaker. I can’t come home and walk through the living room or go to the fridge without him stopping me for part bullshit, cause he’s always on the couch. I’m yes, really chill, for this reason this is a vast bummer for me.”

Don’t worry, 420 trusted Musician. Your roommate complement is out there.

What go 420 Friendly average on dating Apps?

Another super-useful location for the 420 trusted filter is in the wild west of dating apps. We signed on to OKCupid and also went catfishing a little bit, simply to see what the 420 search outcomes would yield. As it transforms out, single 420 friendly folks room not alone. There are 61 gents in the Denver area that figured out themselves as 420 friendly. Right here are a few of our favorites:



Keep doing her Mile High City thing, DarthMegatron90 and LoveToTheMax. You’ll find your blazin’ babes shortly enough.

What walk 420 Friendly median on Airbnb?

Aside indigenous daters and also roommaters, Airbnb guests and also hosts are likewise using the 420 friendly sign to match up. Airbnb has actually a search bar that allows lodging-seekers get very details about what lock looking for. Human being traveling to Denver are curious around our blossoming cannabis industry. They’re most likely to want to try it, so it’s great for guests and hosts to it is in on the very same page about puffing ~ above the property. Utilizing “420 friendly” together a search term, we discovered that there’s no shortage of choices in the Mile High City. Here’s one of our favorites, a victor Suite indigenous 1885, that mentions 420 in the house rules. “No parties. No smoking in the house. Prior porch for cigarettes or 420 is fine.”


For travelers that are searching for hosts that are an ext than simply “fine” v it and also will walk so far as to facilitate your strain sampling, there space specialty websites specialized to 420 friendly holidays rentals. Check out Bud and Breakfast, TravelTHC, and also My 420 Tours’ curated choice of 420 friendly hotels.


What 420 friendly Does no Mean

Just come clarify, 420 friendly does not mean tobacco and also cigarette friendly. The entirely feasible — specifically in fitness-obsessed Colorado — that someone deserve to be strongly pro-420 and also strongly anti-cigarettes in ~ the very same time. 420 friendly does not typical willing accomplice come illegal drug activity (ahem, please protect against asking united state to mail you moonrocks, ahem). No one does 420 friendly mean weed dealer in places where it’s still illegal. Finally, 420 familiar doesn’t average that a human is always high, currently high, or even likes to gain high. In its weakest sense, it method tolerance and also acceptance that those who carry out like to partake. For those listing rooms top top Craigslist and Airbnb, 420 friendly might only median “I don’t, thanks, yet I don’t mind if friend do.”

Where is the 420 Friendliest place on Earth?

Maybe we’re biased below at my 420 Tours, headquartered in sunny and legalized Denver, Colorado. However we’ve been a couple of places, and we truly think that this is the ideal place not only to get high but also to immerse you yourself in cannabis culture. Incorporate our state’s status as among the an initial two states to legalization recreational weed through our reputation for warmth western hospitality, and also that makes Denver the 420 friendliest ar in the country, if not the world. It’s basically Disneyland for weed lovers.

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Out below in the Mile High City, you have the right to toke in peace and also seek the end others who room as 420 friendly as yourself. Get in touch with the cannabis community through events, activities, workshops, and exclusive behind-the-scenes tours. Mine 420 Tours her gateway to all points weed in Denver and also beyond.