Weenus (or weenis or wenis) is a slang word fortheexcess or loosened skin at the joint of one"s elbow, whichistechnically referred to as olecranal skin.

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Click come see complete answer. Considering this, what is a Flagina?

To use the sharing attributes on this page, pleaseenableJavaScript. Webbing the the fingers or toes is calledsyndactyly. Itrefers come the link of 2 or more fingers ortoes. Most of thetime, the locations are linked only byskin.

Subsequently, inquiry is, is the really called a Wenis? it is in reality the extra skin on the outside of theelbow.Do a fast google of "wenis" and just look in ~ theresults.It"s a word, and also it demands it"s very own page. A nursing studenttold methis: your Wenis is the Epidermis top top the PeripheralEpiphysesDorsal of her Humerus that way it is the SKIN ofyourelbow.

likewise asked, what is the skin called between the thumb and index finger?

The area of skin between the thumb andtheindex finger is often speak to the"thenarwebspace".

What is a Wenis?

Wenis is a slang term supplied to explain the skinatthe guideline of the elbow. It is not an anatomical term.

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What is the meaning of Wagina?

the skin top top the the crease between your forearm andupperarm the opposite next of the wenis. wagina definitionbyUrban Dictionary.
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What's the an are between your eyebrows called?

The space in between your eyebrows iscalledthe "glabella."
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What is plural because that Wenis?

Noun. wenis (plural wenises) (slang)Theskin on the external of one"s elbow.
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What is the space between toes called?

The space between the toes and theskinconnecting the toes, called the toewebspace,is the characteristic location for 2 conditions: athlete"sfoot andscabies.
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What is the skin behind her knee called?

Shivendra Chaturvedi. Reply Jun 23, 2017.Thepopliteal fossa (sometimes described as the kneepit orhough<1>)is a shallow depression located at the back of theknee.joint. The bones of the popliteal fossa space thefemur andthe tibia.
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What is the within elbow called?

The inner part of the elbow is abonyprominence called the medial epicondyle ofthehumerus.
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What is the inside of your thumb called?

Thumb. Anatomically, the thumbiscompromised the the metacarpal associated to the trapezium, acarpalbone in the wrist. This very first metacarpal connects to theproximalphalanx. This connects to the thumb"s distalphalanx, whichis likewise the pointer of the digit.
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What is Thenar space?

The thenar eminence refers to the team ofmuscleson the palm of the person hand in ~ the base of the thumb. Theskinoverlying this region is the area stimulated when do the efforts toelicit apalmomental reflex. The word thenar comes fromGreekθέναρ (thenar), meaning "palmof thehand".
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What space the currently on fingers called?

The lines room called "palmarflexioncreases" and also develop before birth. Most human being have twomainlines throughout the palm yet some have a single"Simiancrease". This have the right to be inherited usually on one of two people one orbothhands, yet is likewise associated with Down"s syndrome andotherconditions.
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What do you call the earlier of your hand?

The palmar element of the hand pertains tothepalm. The opposite next of your hand, the back ofyourhand, is called the dorsal element of thehand.The term "dorsal" refers to something that is towardstheback that something. In this case, it"s the back ofourhand.
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What walk it mean if you have webbed fingers?

The clinical term for webbing of thefingersor toes is syndactyly. Webbed fingersand toes occurwhen tissue connects two or more digitstogether.Approximately 1 in every 2,000–3,000 babiesis bornwith webbed fingers or toes, make this afairly commoncondition.

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How execute you get webbed fingers?

Webbed fingers. Webbing of the digits,orsyndactyly, is not led to by the fingers stickingtogetherin the womb; rather, it is caused by failure, during thesixth toeighth mainly of intrauterine life, of the usuallongitudinalinterdigital necrosis that usually separatesthefingers.
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