I"ve heard a few ways of describing together a fantastical beast, however I don"t know which is correct.

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They are known as both Alicorns (Ali supposedly indigenous ala (wing) and also Corn an interpretation horn), and also Pegi(a)corn, a portmanteau the Pegasus and Unicorn (I"ve watched both an i and also an a used).

which of these is many "correct" and also did one come first? in addition wikipedia states that


The horn chin and the substance it was made of was referred to as alicorn, and also it was thought that the horn hold magical and also medicinal properties

So that would make my supposed etymology over wrong.

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Alicorn is the most typical word used to define said beast, however, in the Xanth series, there are additionally PegaCorns and also UniPegs. All 3 creatures look precisely the exact same in the series, which is a subtle joke, and also the only method to tell them apart is to ask them.

This lists references citations where Alicorn is offered to represent a winged unicorn. I can uncover no such list for any other indigenous that might mean the very same thing. Note that the first use of words according to the is through Piers Anthony, the writer of the Xanth collection I note above. He may have have coined the usage of Alicorn as a flying unicorn in 1984, in his publication "Bearing one Hourglass", however there are resources from previously than that which imply that that di not, check out below. I"m walking to research this further, as I patent remember reading around Alicorns in one more of Anthony;s books, one of the Xanth publications as I keep in mind above, before reading the collection that has "Bearing one Hourglass". When I discover the canonical recommendation I will modify this and also include the title and page number of the first place I check out it in the Xanth series as well.

This text, native 1930, plainly lists an Alicorn as a seperate creature from a Unicorn, in addition to a Monocerous and a Rhinocerous, and suggests the all 4 beasts horns have actually magical properties.

Here is one more text with the usage of an Alicorn together it"s very own beast together well, although not descriptive, it says that one Alicorn has a curved horn, and it"s indigenous 1930.

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Interestingly enough, as an aside, below is a text that cites Alicorn together being a genuine substance, most most likely being the horns the Narwhals that were found and also attributed to having belonged come a Unicorn. Below is a story in i beg your pardon the plot revolves approximately Unicorns being chased through the antagonist into the ocean, possibly the author is arguing that"s what occurred to Unicorns in reality.