Did you just drive by a passel…a group…a waddle…a gobble…a flock…of turkeys? Wait…what? What IS a team of turkeys called? Let’s uncover out!

What is a team of Turkeys Called?

Interestingly enough, a group of turkeys is referred to as a rafter.

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A rafter? Yup! That’s it!


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How plenty of Turkeys room in a Rafter?

But what does it require to make a real bonafide rafter? How countless turkeys carry out you need to count to shout out, “Hey guys! it’s a rafter the turkeys!” as soon as you check out a team or rafter that turkeys, there will be 2 or more found together. And also yes, by every means, scream it out!

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Why Is a team of Turkeys dubbed a Rafter?

But why, five why, are they called rafters? What’s the background behind the name?

When I first learned that a team of turkeys is dubbed rafters, my first thought to be dinosaurs. To be it because they looked like a raptor? it didn’t rather make sense. However then that did do sense once I thought around it in regards to this explanation:

When buildings were being constructed, people would discover turkeys in the rafters of your barns and structures. It really is a an excellent place to roost: it’s the end of the weather, it’s high up and also out the the sight and reach that predators. What far better place to sleep at night, 보다 in the rafters?

So, due to the fact that of this, a team of turkeys is well-known as rafters.


Where do Turkeys Sleep?

Turkeys have the right to be found in the rafters if they are available. However wild turkeys will most most likely be discovered roosting in the tree at night. Together the sun sets, they will certainly fly up right into the trees for protection and also then fly under as the sunlight comes up. Throughout the daytime, they can be discovered on the ground, scratching and also foraging because that food.

Top 5 funny Facts around Turkeys

Turkeys see in color and have very good daytime vision.A turkey’s gobble have the right to be heard a mile away! This is exactly how the Tom, or male turkey, communicates with the rafter.A turkey doesn’t have feathers top top its head however the Tom does have fleshy wattles covering its face. In excitement, their entire head, wattles, and also snood deserve to turn several various colors based on their mood. It deserve to turn blue, white, pink, and an extremely red!June is nationwide Turkey Lover’s Month, top top average people eat 18 pounds of turkey a year and more turkeys are consumed ~ above Thanksgiving than v both Christmas and Easter combined.

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So, obtain ready! Look out your car home window and gain ready come shout, “Rafter! It’s a rafter!” and as world stop talking because of her loud outburst and give girlfriend a weird look, girlfriend can explain why a group of turkeys is referred to as a rafter.