I still have the right to not discover on what is the point of player points, is it simply a useless thing that ROBLOX made?


All gamings have a leaderboard based upon player points on the website. If over there is no way to earn player points, the leaderboard is empty.

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What walk the leader plank signify? Why is it important? Is over there a reward for getting player points?

I feel choose Roblox have to give kids an motivation to gain players points and reach milestones. Because that example, these milestones would reward youngsters with little lump sums the Robux or Tix or also special occasion items choose hats or gear. Roblox demands to get an innovative to keep youngsters participating as they obtain older!

It was originally intended to be a sort of ranking/reward system, however people began publishing gamings that abused the pretty heavily. Those games made the whole concept fall apart, due to the fact that they would certainly flood players v ridiculous points that weren't legitimately earned. Therefore the points have actually literally no function now.

yeah this^they were an alleged to be like xbox's gamerscore and also you can earn them by doing ingredient in-games and earn "player points" to display off how well you carry out in games

These came out together an achievement form thing. You would carry out something in a game and also a developer can reward you points. There to be a worldwide leader board for who has the most points. The catch is that each game has a PP "balance" wherein the much more robux spent on a video game the much more PP could be rewarded. If there to be no PP in the system you couldn't give the player PP. The trouble is that gamings would enable you to acquisition player points.

Ranking system aswell together some groups that you necessary for instance 500 PPs to join. However it was removed because of game favor (GET 500 PLAYER points ON every KILL!) and also (GET free 500 PLAYER POINTS each TIME YOU press THE BUTTON) getting to the frontpage and also then devs gotten rid of it native their gamings after part time.

They provided them as a brand-new and fresh currency in the catalog where you might buy specific things with them, they got abused though.

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Roblox is a game development platform/game engine that enables users to architecture their very own games and also play a wide range of different varieties of games developed by various other users.