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Brazil is one of the sexty destinations in southern America. This is the ultimate packing perform for what to wear in Brazil.

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What to Wear in Brazil: A pack List

Written by: Chantelle Mallin and Kerstin Lühe

When we think the Brazil us think around sun, sea, samba and tropical weather. But guess what? relying on where you are, it’s not hot weather every year round.

From the west coastline to the east, the weather in Brazil deserve to vary relying on the season. Brazil is the largest nation in south America.

It has 4 time zones and five distinctive climatic zones! even if it is you’re visiting Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, or Salvador, we’re going to cover the perfect outfit for any type of of these climatic zones.

Always study the weather before your trip. Once you’ve confirm the weather forecast, girlfriend can emphasis on producing a travel capsule wardrobe, i beg your pardon should easily fit in a carryon suitcase with the aid of pack cubes to compress your clothing.

When deciding what to wear in Brazil, store in mind the down right here the seasons are in reverse. So what you take into consideration summer in the northern hemisphere is actually summer in Brazil.

Brazil garments Style

The clothing style in Brazil varies depending on the city. In general, the country is typically casual and comfortable. However, the style is an ext formal in urban such as São Paulo – the NYC the Brazil.

Brazilians space proud of their bodies, they choose to wear fitted clothing and show a small skin. As soon as they enter restaurants, right into cafés and also clubs lock love attract a an elaborate dress and also high heels. In summer and on the beach there is no “too sexy.”

São Paulo is one urban and cosmopolitan city; world like to dress up a tiny more, if you’re having a touristy day and visiting museum and cultural places etc. Dress v a casual feel, think jeans, shorts and also t-shirts or tunics.

Rio de Janeiro is also really casual, however with a cool edge, a the majority of the locals walk from the beach to having lunch or because that drinks, so bring a light dress or shorts and also a loosened tee come cover up, as bikinis space for the beach only. If you’re watched walking around in one, even on the boardwalk, you’ll definitely be pegged together a tourist. Store all this psychic when selecting what to wear in Brazil.

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Top | V Neck | Tank | Tee | Sleeveless | dress | jeans | Shorts | dress 1 | dress 2 | coat | Cardigan | Sandals | Flats | hat | Bag

What come Wear in Brazil in Spring

Spring is a nice time come visit Brazil (September – December), over there aren’t countless tourists and the weather is an extremely pleasant with the occasional bit of wind. Temperature vary in between 20 and 27 levels Celsius. In the direction of December the is gaining quite hot.

Start by analysis these basic tips ~ above packing for spring travel:

Brazil feather Packing List

To enjoy your trip to the fullest load accordingly. Opt because that light printed dresses in fabrics such together cotton and also silk that room lightweight, absorb perspiration and let her body heat escape. Pair her favourite pair that shorts or skirt with loosened t-shirts and also tank tops.

Pack a stylish pair that jeans, an embellished shirt, and your favourite party dress for meals or drink at night. In the southern of Brazil in spring it will certainly be slightly cooler, for this reason be sure to having a irradiate jacket, cardigan or pashmina and a pair of cropped pants.

These stylish summer shorts for women will take you from day come night, city to sea, and also so much more!

While you desire to fill summer apparel for hot weather, be sure to have an extra layer through you because that cold days. Once deciding what to wear in Brazil, fill a nice dress, shorts, skirts, a an intricate top, tunic or dress – anything that looks elegant and a little sexy. Select shorts and also skirts in a neutral color. The top deserve to be in a interlocutor color, which girlfriend will check out plenty that in Brazil.

Shoe way opt for flats, think pastel ballerina pumps, sandals and also neutral brogues. Accessorize your look with a pair the aviator sunglasses and a fedora cap to defend yourself from the sun’s glare.

Find out exactly how to turn any kind of one of her dresses right into versatile dresses!

Don’t forget sunglasses and also sunscreen. Even if you think that isn’t the hot, you might be wrong. The sunlight is strong, also on cloudy days. Remember, you’re close come the equator. A quite scarf or light cardigan come in handy because that chilly work or evenings.


Tank | Blouse 1 | Blouse 2 | top | Sleeveless | Shorts | pants | skirt | dress 1 | dress 2 | Scarf | Cardigan | Sandals 1 | Sandals 2 | Swimsuit | Bag

What come Wear in Brazil in Summer

Summer (December – March) is the hot season with temperatures commonly in the high 30’s, also pushing to the short 40’s! that hot and humid, but there will be rainfall rather a few times. In fact, on merganser days Brazilians remain inside and also wait because that it to pass. Top in merganser season is in January.

Start by analysis these basic tips ~ above packing because that summer travel:

Brazil Summer packing List

Wondering what come wear in Brazil in summer? This is the perfect time come debut your summer style. Walk all the end in quite summer sundresses, neutral tank tops, printed camis and also tunics through an on trend maxi dress or dress to quickly throw over her bikini as soon as coming indigenous the beach. The summer is humid – protect against being uncomfortable choose clothing do from lightweight, flowing and breathable fabric.

Don’t forget to load a vivid bikini or one piece, a coast cover up and also sarong. Ns recommend purchase a bikini in Brazil. Banco da Areia or Salinas are great bikini locations to shop.

Here are the finest swimwear trends and also cover ups that the season!

Going naked or bare optimal is thought about a no-no, so keep your bikini on. Pair your bikini with flip flops native a regional Brazilian brand, such as Havaianas and Ipanema, your favorite sunnies, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Along v your coast gear, have a poncho prepared in instance of rain. Pick among the cheap plastic ones the go into any type of purse. Be certain to bring mosquito repellent!

We’ve rounded increase a list of the many comfortable upper and lower reversal flops so you deserve to enjoy your pilgrimage pain-free. Take a look!

And if you spend brand-new Year’s eve in Brazil and also plan to attend a party or festival, lug a white dress or any kind of kind of complete white outfit. The a Brazilian legacy to wear white on brand-new Year’s Eve. Something short and airy is a great pick. Brazilians love denim shorts and also bright tank top or shirts.

And carry high heels! When choosing what to wear in Brazil for celebrations, pair a dress v heels. Brazilian women love to dress up in the evenings. If you feeling uncomfortable in high heels, friend can also go with a an intricate pair that sandals.

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Tee | V Neck | Tunic | Blouse | shirts | Pants | blue jeans | Skirt | dress 1 | dress 2 | Kimono | coat | Sandals | pair of shoes | Scarf | Bag

What come Wear in Brazil in Fall

The loss weather (March – June) is similar to the weather in spring, but towards June the days get chillier, temperature vary between 20 and also 27 levels Celsius during the day. Throughout the night it can easily get 15 levels Celsius.

Start by reading these basic tips on pack for loss travel:

Brazil autumn Packing List

If you’re to plan a expedition in fall and also wonder what to wear in Brazil, pack an in similar way to spring. Think neutral tees, tunic and blouses, tailored shorts and boho skirts. Because that the cooler weather pack dark coloured jeans, cropped trousers and palazzo pants.

You may also want to lug a irradiate cardigan or a light scarf because that those it will be cold evenings. Make it a lightweight one therefore you can pack it right into your purse if girlfriend don’t require it.

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A an easy color palette means you can easily mix and also match apparel to produce the can be fried wardrobe. If you’re wonder what come wear in Brazil because that a nice night out, lug slightly dressier clothing.

Think stylish jeans and an embellished blouse or cami. Make certain to add a irradiate jacket, embellished kimono and layered cardigan to combat the cooler weather.

As for shoes, load a irradiate pair of sandals, some closed toe brogues and also casual sneakers.

Find the end why fashion sneakers make cute comfortable shoes because that travel!


Tee | Blouse | Tunic | top | sweater | dress | blue jeans 1 | blue jeans 2 | dress 1 | dress 2 | coat | Cardigan | Boots | Sandals | Tights | Bag

What to Wear in Brazil in Winter

Choosing what come wear in Brazil in winter can be tricky, as the weather varies. The winter months operation from June come August, different areas of the country experience differing weather conditions, many of the country’s weather throughout winter will certainly be moderate with the north eastern experiencing the finest weather.

In Brazil the is quiet hot, therefore summery clothes and beach visits space still relevant. In Rio the temperature is tho pleasant roughly 18 to 20 degrees.

Be ready it rain a lot, especially in Rio and also Salvador. The south starts to gain cold through temps dropping come 10 degrees, it is in warned southerly cities such as Porto Alegre and Curitiba have actually a subtropical climate wherein temps have the right to fall listed below freezing. Winter is the perfect time because that treks in to Amazon and also Pantanal as it is drier.

The ideal advice for winter would be to inspect the weather predictions for the place you plan to visit prior to you travel and pack according. It’s typically quite pleasant in the beach locations making it suitable time to travel.

Start by analysis these general tips on packing because that winter travel:

Brazil Winter pack List

For a general list, opt for published dresses – teamed v opaque tights if you plan on visiting the colder regions – a mix of short and long sleeved tunics, tees and also blouses, a dark pair of jeans, cropped trousers.

Your choice of jackets rely on what area you plan to visit. Brazilian ladies love to wear something fancy, favor a nice shirt, tunic, blouse or top along with a blazer or a nice cardigan.

Brazilian females love to wear shorts v a vibrant tank top and also sandals. Underneath they mainly wear bikinis, however that’s up to you. It might get a tiny chilly in the evenings, so take it a cardigan through you.

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As for shoes, opt for neutral sandals if you plan on remaining in the phibìc east, if not, include closed toe brogues and a pair of fishing eye boots to your packing wardrobe.

If girlfriend think about visiting the beautiful Chapada Diamantina nationwide Park, i m sorry is inland, make certain you inspect the weather beforehand. Some days can be freeze cold. Take along a lightweight winter jacket and hiking boots.

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Brazil travel Essentials

Brazil is a large country with various climates. During the summer the pretty lot hot and humid everywhere. A key travel necessary for Brazil would definitely be sunscreen, regular application is essential. Fill one v a high factor and add sunglasses and a broad brimmed cap to protect you indigenous the strong rays.

When planning what to load for trips to Brazil, various other travel essentials encompass flip flops; a pareo – a wraparound dress perfect for sitting on at the beach; and also light cotton dresses. Because that shoes, rod to flat shoes such together sandals or ballerinas together you’ll be walking a lot.

ake a look at the eleven beach sandals our readers rave about!

Rio and the Northeast (Salvador, Recife and adjacent beaches) room recommended during the summer. Don’t forget to load your favourite bikini, sarong and also cover-up and take full benefit of the weather. Brazil is a leading swimwear designer so if you’re emotion in a shopping atmosphere treat yourself to part local, beautifully crafted swimwear.

During the winter the can gain quite cool in the south of Brazil. In Florianopolis it can drop as cold as 2-3ᵒC. This locals suggest the south is probably ideal to prevent in the winter unless your plan on visiting the wineries in Bento Gonçalves, Rio de Grande do Sul.

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Brazil pack Don’ts

Don’t have a favorite bikini or pair the flip-flops yet? quite than fill them, think about purchasing them in Brazil. Brazil is well known for its swimwear and flip-flops.

You can likewise find gauzy dresses and also colorful garments at boutiques and street markets. Fill light so you can shop when you’re there!

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Brazil Shopping

If you’ve forgotten an item or just sophisticated updating her holiday wardrobe Brazil has obtained it covered, check out the cool selection of fashion stores, designer boutiques, galleries and dedicated shops.

Rio is quite expensive therefore if you’re on a budget avoid shops in Leblon and Ipanema and opt because that shopping in Copacaban, São Paulo can be an extremely expensive. Choose up a cheap in Avenida 25 de março, that noisy, crazy and packed however really cheap.

In Salvador friend will discover all price ranges easily accessible in many shopping malls, check out purchase Iguatemi. The nation holds not one, however two fashion weeks, São Paulo fashion week and Fashion Rio.

Check out some of the in your ar born designers and maybe treat yourself to a beautiful and also unique piece:

Carlos Miele – The designer plays through mixing an innovation and classic handcrafted style to develop beautiful results, his apparel regularly features traditional Brazilian elements.Alexandre Herchcovitch – many recognised for his avant-garde designs and also diverse prints, his trademark skulls became an symbol of Brazilian youths in the nineties.

Brazil Luggage Tips

So the tough part’s out of the way; after much turmoil you’ve lastly perfected your travel wardrobe and created a chic capsule arsenal – currently it’s time to obtain packing! which luggage will certainly work ideal for you?

Depending on how numerous days or main you’re traveling, you might want to usage packing organizers, which permit optimum use of the room in her luggage, keeping everything organized and in place during your travels, and also making the job of unpacking and repacking an easy and stress-free.

As you’re headed to stylish Europe, usage an equally stylish carry-on, such as the Osprey Ozone, i m sorry is a an individual favorite. Save in mental that most of Europe’s budget airlines have actually a carry-on bag pin money of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Constantly check your airlines individual package rules and regulations in advance.

Brazil Accommodations

We love Airbnb for accommodation in Brazil and other components of south America. Sign up below for a totally free $40 credit!

I favor to to book “the whole home” instead of opting for mutual accommodation on Airbnb. Aside from safety, I likewise like come feel favor I’m living in the destination. It’s a tiny taste of neighborhood life plus friend get more amenities 보다 you would at a hotel such together a kitchen and also washing machine.

Read these Airbnb tips for an ext info!

If you like the convenience and also comfort of a hotel room, I prefer using both and Tip: offers you a free night because that every ten nights friend book!

For hostels, we recommend Hostelworld and also Hostelbookers. Always read the reviews before booking to get the finest idea if the hostel is best for you. Some room quiet and family trusted while others are recognized for their party atmosphere.

Not sure about staying at a hostel? review this!

Brazil Transportation

It’s reasonably easy come travel about Brazil, v planes and buses gift the most well-known options. Brazil is a large country, therefore if you’re travel from finish to the other, consider hopping on a plane.

For regional travel, there room plenty of windy buses. These space much far better options than renting a car, as driving approximately Brazil deserve to be overwhelming, confusing, and also stressful if you’re not a local. When public transportation is busy and crowded, it’s inexpensive and easy to use.

For flights, I like booking through Travelocity or Cheapoair (whichever one’s cheapest). Return I favor Travelocity because they have a 24 hour money earlier guarantee.

To maximize your vacation time, fly right into the city whereby you’re starting your trip and out of the city whereby your trip ends. Numerous times that the same price and saves girlfriend from having actually to spend extra time and also money come go back to where you began your trip.

Brazil Must-See Sites

Whether or no you’re religious, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro is a well-known attraction together it’s one of the 7 wonders that the world. If you a background buff, you’ll likewise want to inspect out Paraty historical Centre, a historic component of the city in Rio.

For an outdoorsy adventure, head to Iguacu nationwide Park, i m sorry is a giant forested park house to rare species of monkeys, birds, and other animals. It’s likewise home to some of the largest waterfalls in the world.

Along v heading come the beach, take into consideration a water adventure, such together SCUBA diving, snorkeling, or a boat tour.

These space a few popular Brazil guidebooks:

Brazil safety Tips

Brazil has actually high crime rates, so follow common sense safety and also use anti-theft equipment to defend your valuables. If you want to stay jewelry, stick come costume items and leave the real stuff in ~ home.

If girlfriend feel choose carrying a shoulder bag, always hold on come it; you will do it see neighborhood women execute the same. It’s much better to undertake a crossbody purse, together it can not be snatched away from you as easily.

A tip: if you have actually a camera, it’s best to gain a plastic bag from a neighborhood supermarket and also pack your camera in there. You’ll look choose someone who went grocery store shopping and also won’t attract as much attention to yourself.

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These are short articles with other suggested anti-theft products:

Remember, the safest location for her passport is locked in your accommodation. Bring a photocopy or various other ID as soon as you’re visit or room out at night.

Read these tips on how to keep your passport safe as soon as you travel!

 What room your best tips ~ above what come wear in Brazil?

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