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I typically buy pretty huge containers of fish food that last me a lengthy time, but it has actually happened that I had none left. It was at this moment that ns wondered what to feeding fish when you nothing have any fish food.

During the very first 2 or 3 days there is no fish food, aquarium fish will eat algae and also scavenge because that leftovers. After ~ this there are several choices such as vegetables (lettuce, cucumber and also zucchini) or meat (beef heart, cod or tilapia). Adjust the diet based on the kind and dimension of the fish.

There space several means you can buy time to head out and buy food or mix up your diet. However, friend can’t just feed everything “human” food you like. I’ll summary cover what you need to recognize in bespeak to properly feed your fish with short-lived or different food.

Suitable (home-made) alternatives to fish food

Before we discuss when precisely you have to start feeding other food once you ran out, fine cover every the alternatives that you have. You re welcome take right into account that different fish require different food; uncover out whether her fish room carnivores (only meat), herbivores (only plants) or omnivores (combination of both).

Suitable vegetables for omnivores and herbivores

Most community aquarium fish room either herbivores or omnivores, which way that vegetables room your ideal solution. Whether you’ve ran out of fish food or not, supplementing your fish’s diet through vegetables is constantly a good idea.

Suitable vegetables to feeding to her fish include: Cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, peas (without out skin) or brussels sprouts

From suffer I deserve to tell you that your fish will probably not eat every these vegetables. Once they’re used to eating dried food like flakes or pallets, they will certainly not automatically recognize the vegetables together food. This will certainly take some time and also you’ll require patience.


Not all vegetables are automatically ready to placed in your tank. It’s best that you briefly boil the vegetables to do them softer and make castle sink. After you’ve boiled them you must first let them cool in some cold water before including them come the tank. Once feeding tiny fish, shot cutting the vegetables in little “bite-sized” pieces. Don’t add it in its entirety because all uneaten vegetables will begin to rot and also pollute your water. The exemption to this is cucumber i m sorry you execute not have to boil, just stick a fork in it and add it to your tank.

Vegetables are great for shrimp, snails and bottom dwellers prefer bristlenose pleco’s.

What to feeding meat-eating fish?

When handling fish the are used to eat meat you must take a various approach. It’s also a little bit less complicated as friend just add the meat to the tank and watch them eat it. Frequently it won’t take as long before the fish recognize is together food contrasted to feeding lettuce.

Suitable satisfy for fish consist of: beef heart, tilapia, shrimp, earthworms and also other worms.

Popular examples of carnivorous fish are pufferfish, piranhas, arowana or other so called “monster” fish. It’s important to constantly feed the meat in ~ room temperate. Once you take it the meat native a fridge, offer it sufficient time to reach room temperature.

Whenever you’re dealing with omnivores girlfriend can also choose to feed meat. Many smaller aquarium fish room omnivores and also love blood-worms, daphnia, black color worms, brine-shrimp etc. It’s always a great idea to have some lying in her freezer, however if you don’t have any kind of right now you can also choose to reduced up some perfect meat to tiny pieces.

What to carry out if you perform not have actually fish food for her aquarium fish?

Whenever you’ve operation out of food or, favor I’ve viewed on part forum online, got home with a goldfish you winner at a fair, you need to not panic. Fish room resilient animals that deserve to handle part time without food. As soon as you’ve obtained a well created aquarium your fish have the right to go without food for approximately 3 days as there is algae, microfilm and leftover-food for them to feed on.

This way that you have to not need to improvise v all kind of semi-suitable food as lengthy as you can gain some food because that them the following day. Every fish that have the right to eat vegetables room made to digest plant matter and, as soon as hungry, will revolve towards eat algae.

Many fine fed and pampered fish will never think about eating algae till them get hungry.

Also, if you can not feed her fish for a day, do not compensate for it by giving it double as lot the day after. Instead, just provide your continuous daily amount. The reason for this is since most fish can’t manage all the food at once and also will loosened interest in it after a brief while. Every the remainder will sink to the bottom and start come decompose, posing together a threat to the water high quality of your tank.

Can aquarium fish eat bread? (No)

A lot of world want to feed bread as soon as they have nothing rather to feed their fish. Aquarium fish do not handle bread well since it will broaden in your stomach. The expanded bread is a risk to the health of your fish as it could reason serious constipation.

I’ve composed an short article that answers this question in more depth. If you interested in some bread-like alternatives, certainly give that a read. You’ll discover the post here on my website.

What human being food have the right to fish eat?

Next to all the safe and suitable solutions questioned at the begin of this page, there’s hardly anything in our pantry perfect for fish. Any type of food that has been processed consists of a wide selection of additives and also mixes the substances the make it poor for fish.

The more processed that is, the less suitable for ours fish. World have asked whether it’s alright to feed dog food to fish, and it most absolutely is not. There is (among various other things) way too much salt in every kinds the processed foods that are not perfect for fish.

There’s one thing that civilization feed to fish which is out of the ordinary: egg yolk. Boiled egg appears to be ideal for fish, yet you’ll need to be really careful no to pollute your aquarium water. I recognize I’ve claimed this 2 times before, however all food it is left uneaten will reason ammonia in your water.

Fruit is an additional thing human being can not agree about. I would never feed fruit to my fish because it consists of so much sugar I do not believe it’s great for fish. Rather say the a tiny piece the fruit ~ above a weekly basis is great as that contributes to a differed diet.

Can fish eat rice?

According to an article on Fishkeeping Forever, fish will eat rice whether it’s cook or uncooked. They’re talking specifically around goldfish, but I have the right to image any fish that deserve to fit rice in its mountain will offer it a go. Even when they’ll eat it, the still isn’t a an excellent idea for the same reason you have to not feed bread: it could expand.

Next to expanding it additionally does not administer any nutritional worth to the fish’s diet alongside carbs. That does not have any kind of vitamins and is an extremely starchy. In general I would refrain from feeding rice, however if you do make certain you cook it first.

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Make home-made fish food

Finally I have to tell you around people creating their very own fish food using “ordinary” food. The finest example of this is indigenous the King the DIY ~ above Youtube. He has actually so many tanks that it’s just so much cheaper do your very own fish food. I’m sure I’m walking to try this one day and record a video for you, yet for currently I’ll allow Joey take it it away.