The Hunger gamings is a book trilogy consisted of of The Hunger Games, recording Fire, and Mockingjay. There are 13 districts in a counrty called Panem that surround the bright city the the Capitol.

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Each the the districts has a one-of-a-kind job, such together mining and also harvesting food. I m sorry one space you from? There space 13 districts come get. Part districts will be with each other as a result in stimulate to acquire them every in. Expect you obtain the one friend want!

Created by: Ellie

What is your favorite food? an intricate stuff, choose lamb cobbler Something an easy CHOCOLATE! Sandwiches roll Fresh, cooking meatWhat concerns mind anytime someone claims "red?" just the color, i guess Redwood Blood Fire Velvet Wires in a machineWhat execute you favor to do? Decorate things or sew it is in tending to my garden or playing through my animals Hunt or take walks out Build and invent things Anything that contains water none of the aboveWhat do you usually wear? Somethin" basic Waterproof outfits anything that ns can acquire dirty Silky, soft apparel Just, apparel Something that reads, "I"m Electric!"What is your favorite color? Red or Orange Yellow or environment-friendly Blue or violet Pink or White i don"t have actually a favorite None the the aboveWhat would be your key strategy in the Hunger Games? simply hide! Fight until I win Trust nobody do lots of alliances No idea What"s the Hunger Games? (me: WHAT?)Who to be you backing increase in the Hunger Games? The job pack, clearly! Katniss and/or Peeta Thresh Foxface Rue I just can"t decide!What about the 75th Hunger Games? Katniss Peeta Finnick Johanna Betee someone elseWhich job would friend want? engineer Shopowner Miner or Hunter Gardener Scientist FishermanWhat is the worst sort of pain? Burns cut Bruises serious ConstantWhich ones do you like best? Luxury and also Textiles Building and also Lumber Power and Transportation Grain, Livestock, and agriculture Electricity and also Fishing Mining and Hunting

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