Article about the money in Portugal, the Euro, that started to be provided in 1999 and also now supplied by much more than 300 million human being in Europe

The currency used in Portugal is the EURO, introduzed in 1999. Because 2002, the former currency Portuguese Escudo is no longer available, and replaced through the Euro currency.

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The Euro is the money of Portugal and the official cash of one more fifteen nations: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, and also Spain. It is utilized day-to-day by more than 330 million Europeans.

This provides it less demanding because that European guests coming to Lisbon, together they don’t should stress end trading your cash.

The Euro image (€) is generally composed after the sum. For instance, 10 Euros = 10€.Something else to consider is that, in Portugal, the decimals space composed after a comma and also units that thousands are composed before a point.

For instance, 10.000€ method ten thousands euros and also 10,20€ means ten euros and also twenty cents.



The Euro is partitioned into 100 cents and there space coins of: 1-cent, 2-cents, 5-cents, 10-cents, 20-cents, 50-cents, €1 and €2.


One face of every coin is the very same for all nations but the other one is distinctive for every country of starting point.

Obviously, through today’s business sector friend can discover in Portugal currencies from the greater part of the nations and gather lock in the event that girlfriend like.



As to banknotes, they’re authorize in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500. Every one has its very own shading and also the front-side the the notes highlights entryways or windows, if the posterior facets spans.


In Portugal you can utilize each coin and banknote friend wish, yet much more often than not you don’t see a an excellent deal the banknotes higher than €50.


Cash ATM Withrawals:

In the occasion that you need to raise some Portugal cash, you’ll find twenty-four hour ATMs (privately dubbed multibanco) anywhere the places. There room bounty over here and in each financial institution there is at least one.

Maximum work by day withdrawal is €400, v the most being €200 in ~ once. The ATM machines have directions in English and also different dialects. Search for the photo on the privilege.


On the off possibility that you need to exchange cash you can do it in any bank and there are in addition shops located in traveler spots to help you. A tiny commission is fee (around €3 come €5).


Credit Cards:

Visa and MasterCard room often embraced in many shops, restaurants and also hotels.Regarding American Express, is no the most well-known card, and often not accepted.Please keep in mind that the bulk of shops execute not expropriate payments under 5EUR, and also some of those also require payments over 10EUR come be handle by card.

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Currency Converter:

How lot does it worth?

If it’s not too lot trouble utilize this cash converter to adjust over Euros into your money or the other way around. All prices are to update daily.