Credit map numbers that begin with the Issuer to know Number (IIN) 414729 are Visa credit transaction cards issued by CITI in joined States.CITI concerns cards under a complete of 27 IIN numbers including this one, so part card number issued by CITI may start through IIN numbers from among these various other ranges. You can view a perform of all 27 of CITI's IIN numbers here.For much more information, speak to CITI at (888) 977-6687.

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Card scheme bank Name Card type IIN map Number bank Phone financial institution Country
(888) 977-6687
United States

Anatomy of a CITI Visa credit transaction Card Number

While credit transaction card number may seem prefer a random string the digits, they in reality contain a huge amount of an useful data about the card that deserve to be used for validation and verification purposes.

Digit 1 — The MII

The very first digit of the map is known as the MII digit, and also indicates the credit transaction card"s scheme. In this case, the MII the 4 indicates that this is a Visa card.

Digits 1-6 — The IIN / BIN

The first six digits of the card number, inclusive of the MII, are referred to as the IIN (Issuer to know Number) or BIN (Bank identification Number). This sequence uniquely identifies the financial institution that approve the card. In this case, the IIN the 414729 indicates that this card was issued by CITI in joined States.

Digits 7-15 — The Account Number

Digits 7-15 that the credit transaction card number save the main Account Number, or PAN, approve by the financial institution to uniquely determine the account holder. These 8 digits space the most important component of the credit transaction card number.

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Digit 16 — The inspect Digit

The critical digit that the card number (the 16th number in many cases) is the examine digit, which is calculated by using a mathematical formula dubbed the Luhn algorithm to the preceding sections of the account number. While no actually component of the account number itself, the check digit is crucial to enable easy validation of map numbers and also detection that typos, missed digits, etc.