Map that Asia highlighting the location of Israel

Is Israel in Africa or Asia Located?

The Republic that Israel falls under the Western Asia region as identified by the United countries geoscheme. The nation is located in the Middle east along the south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Come the north of Israel is Lebanon, to the northeast is Syria, to the east is Jordan, and to the south-west is Egypt.

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It is this location and its proximity to north Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, and also Southern european nations, that gives rise to lot confusion around the country’s continent identity.

Affinity with Africa

The bible speaks the the historical proximity between Israel and Egypt. After having actually received the commandments top top Mt. Sinai, Moses leader the Israelite come Israel. The soil of Canaan, the Promised Land, is renamed the floor of Israel. In fact, Moses himself is thought to have actually married one Ethiopian woman. This historic affinity of Israel through Africa rather than Asia has actually led come questions around its oriental identity.

Proximity come Europe

The contemporary cultural proximity the Israel come Mediterranean Europe (particularly Cyprus) and also its politics isolation in the middle East likewise imparts the a distinct European character. In fact, Israel’s nationwide football team participates in europe tournaments and also championships including the FIFA. Apart from football, Israel is stood for in most other european sporting events and additionally the Eurovision track Contest. In 2014, Israel was additionally admitted together a member the the CERN (the European organization for atom Research), among the many prestigious scientific research establishments of the world.


Looking at the demographics the Israel too, one is skinny to feel that, culturally, the nation is much more closely aligned v Europe than with Asia. As of 2018, the country’s populace is estimated to be around 8.883 million. English, Hebrew, Arabic, and also Russian room the commonly talked languages here.

About 74% that the populace is Jewish. A vast majority of these Jews room Sabras or human being of native origin yet there is also a far-reaching presence of Jews that European origin in the country. In comparison, there are much less human being of oriental or African origin living in the country.

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While Israel is geographically a part of the oriental continent, culturally it is closer to european nations and also is also greatly affected by the african culture.