In this post I’m going to share v you what colors make maroon? You’re more than likely wondering what two colors do maroon.

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Maybe you’re a painter, artist, or merely mixing because that food coloring… either means there space some easy methods for the maroon color formula.

If painting is your thing, then, mixing various colors to achieve a particular desired shade is miscellaneous you have actually tried before.


Well, as a painter or paint enthusiast, combining the main colors come generate brand-new ones need to be a given.

Some common primary shade combinations are:

Red + Blue = Violet


Did you recognize that girlfriend can likewise mix primary colors to do the shade maroon?

Let me explain further…

What Colors make Maroon?

The maroon shade can be attained by combining the three major colors; red, blue and yellow.

However, over there is no exact ratio for mixing these three colors. For this reason, we need to go little by little with a lot of treatment until we realize the wanted shade the maroon.

Here is how to reach maroon through mixing these colors

Okay, achieve maroon color is quite easy, every you have to do is combine the red, blue and yellow colors, practicing caution and also exercising a small bit the patience. Having actually that said, let’s now go ahead and also see the procedures in the Maroon recipe.

Step 1: Mix Red and also Blue

Like I had said earlier, there is no precise ratio for combining red, blue and also yellow to accomplish maroon. However, over there is a particular ratio because that mixing red and also blue, and also the ratio is 5:1. So, in this step, mix red and also blue color in the ratio 5:1.

The reason for this proportion is; blue is a darker color, and therefore it has high opportunities of overpowering the red color.

Step 2: include Yellow Color

Maroon is basically made of up of blue and red. Mix the 2 will unleash maroon color, but then you will realize there is miscellaneous missing, and here is where now yellow come in. The yellow color is supplied to include a brownish map to the mixture. Because that this reason, it is added carefully and also in tiny amounts.

Start by including a fall of yellow shade to your small sample and also mix until it dissolves completely. Repeat this procedure until you achieve the specific maroon outcome that you desire.

Step 3: inspect the Paints Hue

After successfully developing the maroon color, it is necessary to identify its hue before doing the painting. Similar to blue, maroon is a darker color and should have a dark red hue.

To determine the hue of her maroon paint, pull a small section of the paint aside and include some white paint. Stir tenderness while observing keenly, the color you view is the paint’s hue. If the hue is much more of violet 보다 red, consider adding some yellow paint.

Here is a quick video that displayed the maroon shade combination.

Maroon shade Mixing Tips

• as soon as mixing various paints in the target of achieving the preferred color, that is recipient you an initial mix tiny portions the the colour to grasp the outcome.

• The final shade greatly counts on the shades of the colors friend used. So, for finest results, be certain to use specific shades of the mixing paints.

What two Colors make Maroon?

As demonstrated above you deserve to mix several colors to do the shade maroon. But, you can likewise make the shade maroon by mixing only two colors.

Simply put… you have the right to mix Red and Blue to make Maroon.

You will have to play approximately with different ratios the the color to acquire the preferred effect.

Essentially use much more red to brighten the shade palette or usage blue come darken it.


Keep trying to obtain your desired color combination. When you’ve made her perfect maroon color, psychic to document your proportion of blue and also red.

Maroon shade Code

We live in a digital period where every little thing is found on the internet. Naturally, some human being may desire to get the exact shade code because that maroon.

I found this nice resource on the web that provides this information. For your convenience I’ll share through it you below too.

Maroon RGB color code: #8000000

or RED = 128, eco-friendly = 0, BLUE = 0


As you deserve to see from the chart, over there are various are different hues the Maroon and they might be called various names choose dark red, burgundy, firebrick etc.

Either means you have the right to be the finest judge the what maroon shade you’re looking come achieve.

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Final Thoughts

Now you understand what colors do maroon. With the colors and procedure the we have actually just discussed, friend don’t need to spend also a cent to purchase maroon paint once you can create it using three major colors that are more than likely lying unused in ~ home.

Learning this simple skill can definitely come in handy. You can mix colors come make pond polish, paint, make-up, hair-dye etc. Either means when who asks girlfriend “What two colors make maroon?”