Every to win Fit Pro shade & i beg your pardon You must Buy The win Fit agree get almost everything ideal — consisting of the available colors. Here"s a closer look all 4 colors Beats" earbuds are easily accessible in.

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Beats Fit pro in all easily accessible colors
The Beats Fit agree are among the finest wireless headphones accessible right now — and making lock even much better are a handful of excellent colors to choose from. 2021 verified to be great year for Apple-made audio gear. In June, the beats Studio sprout debuted together a $150 different to AirPods. They lacked Apple"s advanced H1 chip, but they delivered active noise cancellation and also seamless integration with iOS and also Android devices alike. AirPods 3 launched a couple of months later on as another excellent choice — touting a sleek design, MagSafe charging, and also improved audio quality.

For folks no impressed with the Studio buds or AirPods 3, the win Fit Pro space a essentially perfect alternative. Exit in November, the to the right Pro have a lot going for them: a super comfortable design, powerful ANC, and great audio — just to surname a few of the highlights. In ~ $199 ($50 much less than AirPods Pro), the to win Fit pro are very compelling purchase.

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Further including to the right Pro"s very nice are every one of the gorgeous colour the earbuds come in. Beats has actually four formats to choose from, including Beats Black, beats White, Sage Gray, and stone Purple. All 4 colors are easily accessible for the very same $199 MSRP and also look exceptional for their own reasons. Especially contrasted to the boring white hue the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro, the to the right Pro room a lot an ext visually interesting.

How To pick The finest Beats Fit pro Color

While the to win Fit Pro room a pretty basic recommendation, determining which color to buy is wherein things obtain tricky. If someone desires their earbuds to be as sleek and stealthy together possible, win Black would be our very first choice. The earbuds and also charging instance are both engulfed in a deep black repaint job that doesn"t attract too lot attention to itself. The only hint of shade is the red beats "b" logo design on the end of the earbuds and also the height of the case. It provides the Fit pro a nice pop without being as well intense, and it"s a touch we really appreciate. Another excellent an option is to win White. This details color has a stark white appearance reminiscent that AirPods, despite it additionally touts the very same red "b" to spice points up. White and red has constantly been an top look for the to win brand, and also it"s simply as stunning as ever before with win White ~ above the right Pro.

Things acquire even more interesting with the last two colors. At very first glance, Sage Gray looks like a pretty conventional getup. The earbuds and also case room both extended in a matte gray finish, through the just hint of shade being the minty-white "b" logos. Open up up the case, however, and also that exact same minty hue consist of the whole of the inside — giving Sage Gray a yes, really gorgeous two-tone appearance. Something comparable happens with stone Purple. The earbuds and outside of the situation don an extreme light violet color, vice versa, the within of the instance is matte black.

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You really can"t walk wrong with any kind of of these colors. Want something super an easy and low-key? Beats black color is perfect. Favor the stark white of AirPods however wish there was simply a slight touch the color? beats White pulls this turn off wonderfully. The two-tone color are terrific as well. Sage Gray combines its expert gray shade with the much more playful mint top top the inside, whereas rock Purple mashes purple and also black together for a design that"s equal components masculine and feminine. No matter which you finish up choosing, you"re getting a pair that earbuds the look bland good.