The lot ballyhooed Pac-12 Networks debut at 6 p.m. Wednesday, happen the conference out of TV's to compare Dark Ages and also providing extraordinary Pac-12 programming to numerous viewers.

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When the lights walk on because that the an initial time, the networks room on monitor to beginning in potentially 48 million homes.

With a 12-year contract through Fox and ESPN in place, the Pac-12 Networks ensure the all Pac-12 soccer games and men's basketball gamings not transfer by Fox or ESPN will certainly be televised live this season.

There will certainly be unheard the coverage that men's and also women's Olympic sports.

The programming will likewise be available on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Comcast, which has actually a large imprint ~ above the Portland-area market, will have actually Pac-12 Networks events on networks 420 and 421 and also channel 720 in high definition.

Pac-12 Networks


One national and also seven regional channels (Arizona, Los Angeles, Oregon, Mountain and also Washington). Obtainable on TV, computers, tablets and smartphones.


Debuts in ~ 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Where it is:

Comcast (Channels 420 and 421, HD ~ above 720; part of $7.95 per month Sports and also Entertainment Tier). Also on Cox, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Frontier, BendBroadband, Canby Digital Television, tide Broadband, west Digital and also the national Cable television Cooperative

Where that isn't:

DirecTV, food Network, Verizon and also AT&T.

How to discover out:

Check the

"channel finder" in ~


OSU, UO games on it:

Sept. 1: nicholls State at OSU

Sept. 8: Fresno State at UO

Sept. 15: Tennessee technology at UO

The Pac-12 Networks -- based in san Francisco -- is in reality launching 7 channels, one national and also six regional airing 850 live events merged in year one.

The six local channels: Pac-12 Arizona, Pac-12 Los Angeles, Pac-12 Oregon, Pac-12 just Area, Pac-12 mountain (Utah and Colorado) and Pac-12 Washington.

The conference additionally will launch a nationwide network for locations not in the Pac-12 footprint.

Check through your local provider exterior of the Portland area -- in addition to Comcast the Pac-12 Networks have secured distribution deals through Cox, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Frontier, bend Broadband, Canby Digital Television, tide Broadband, western Digital and the national Cable television Cooperative, which encompasses practically 1,000 cable carriers in little and medium-size markets.

"It's walking to it is in awesome," Stanford soccer coach David demonstrate told the san Jose Mercury News. "We've been fortunate the last couple years to have actually a lot of national games. Currently every game will be national. Recruits will have the ability to see every game."

For the Pac-12 schools who don't have actually the nationwide swagger that USC, Stanford or Oregon, the networks start is an excellent news.

"It will provide us nationwide and regional exposure that we can't buy," said Steve Fenk, one associate strong director at Oregon State. "We will certainly not only be able to showcase the football and also basketball programs, however also every one of our Olympic sports -- many of which have had tremendous success recently at the nationwide level."

Comcast will carry the Pac-12 Oregon regional network as part of the Digital Starter Package.

The national Pac-12 network will be component of Comcast's Sports and also Entertainment tier of channels, which contains others such as the huge Ten Network, CBS sporting activities Network, and FCS Atlantic, Central, and also Pacific. On Comcast, the Sports and also Entertainment Tier is an additional $7.95 a month.

Not all cable service providers have taken on the Pac-12 networks. The conference has yet to involved terms through DirecTV or dish Network – a glaring hole – and also has likewise not reached agreements v Verizon and also AT&T among others. Market insiders seem to think DirecTV will certainly come into the field, but Dish may be a tougher sell.

"Any conversation we've had with them has actually been encouraging," stated Gary Stevenson, chairman of Pac-12 Enterprises, the conference's marketing and also multimedia subsidiary. "And it's encouraging due to the fact that they think we have very good content."

According to Stevenson 1,350 events (not every live) will certainly air throughout all seven networks in the first year, including 35 football games, roughly 135 men's basketball games and also "the finest of the best" Olympic sports.

Stevenson claimed each of the six regional channels will have an additional 100 events, upward of 50 from every school.

What will joy thousands of smart phone-wielding football pan is this: If your cable company has the Pac-12 Network, you can watch the channel anytime, almost everywhere on your mobile device.

"Let's to speak you're traveling in Florida and you desire to watch Utah play a football game," said Stevenson. "You simply put your authentication number in and you'll have the ability to watch that game on her iPad while you're sitting on the beach."

"The availability for our fans is simply mind-boggling," college of Arizona athletic Director Greg Byrne said the Arizona Republic.

-- Paul Buker

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