FXX is on food Channel 125. Miss watching few of your favourite FXX series? you can catch them again top top FXXX. A sister network to FXX, FXXX features reruns of few of your favourite FXX broadcasts and collection alongside featured films, comedies, original, and acquired programming.

It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia

Paddy’s Pub on the south side that Philadelphia is the setting for this sitcom. “The Gang” are the central characters come this tale, all people with demons to fight and personality traits that make them much less than desirable. With each other the group engages in whatever from nefarious plots, come self-serving endeavors.

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Parks and Recreation

Satirical sitcom Parks and Recreation mirrors diplomacies native a humorous angle. Leslie Knope is a bureaucrat in the Parks room of the fictional city of Pawnee. Witty and optimistic, her main goal is to come to be President of the joined States. The collection follows her work and misadventures.

You’re the Worst

Jimmy is a Los Angeles based writer who isn’t known for his compassion. Sharp-witted and self-serving, his abrasiveness never stops working to obtain beneath someone’s skin. Enter Gretchen, a PR executive v a self-destructive streak. Getting together, lock aren’t fairly the fairy-tale romance and don’t seem favor they’ll ever before be.



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