What carry out goldfish eat? Feeding your goldfish the best kind that food – and the appropriate amount the food – is a crucial part of good goldfish care.

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Eating the wrong type or amount of food deserve to be an extremely bad for your fish.

Goldfish will certainly be happy come eat most foods, however it is ideal to market them a varied diet. This ensures your digestive tract stays healthy and also keeps the goldfish happy and healthy too.

A mixture of foods such as flakes, pellets, vegetables, and also live food is a great combination.

A goldfish’s key diet have to consist the pellets or flakes the are an excellent quality and also high in carbohydrates. A typical food brand should have 40% protein, 44% carbohydrates, 10% fats, and also 6% ash (minerals, etc).

These pellets and flakes should then be supplemented through live food and vegetables.

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1Types the goldfish food
1.3Live foods
1.4Freeze dried foods
2The best goldfish food
3How countless times a day carry out you feed goldfish?
4How much to feeding goldfish?
5What execute goldfish eat in the wild?
6How long deserve to goldfish live there is no food?
7Where to buy goldfish food

Types that goldfish food

The goldfish food you buy will most likely be in one of these forms:

FlakesSinking pelletsFloating pelletsLive foodsFreeze dried live foodVegetables

There space a few factors to consider when deciding whether to feed your goldfish flakes, pellets, live foods, freeze dried food, or a mixture the everything.


Flakes are most likely the many common form of goldfish food.

A trouble with flakes is how fast they disintegrate and also pollute your fish’s water.

Goldfish may swallow air as soon as eating flakes or floating pellets turn off the surface ar of the water, i beg your pardon can reason digestion problems.

Flakes deserve to lose few of their nutritional worth after the bath tub is opened and the flakes space exposed come air. Pellets retain your nutritional value better than flakes do.


Pellets are a common type of goldfish food that can be discovered readily in pet stores.

Some pellets will float top top the water, which renders removing uneaten food easier. Uneaten food should always be eliminated so it no pollute the water.

Other pellets sink. These may be more challenging to find and remove.

Pellets are an extremely easy come store and also they likewise make it easy to measure up the amount you feed to your goldfish.

Is her fish huge enough come eat pellets? some pellets have the right to be too huge to fit in the mouths that young fish.

Live foods

Available from many pet stores, live foodstuffs for goldfish incorporate brine shrimp, tubifex worms, daphnia and also aquarium snails.

Live foodstuffs offer a good source the protein for her goldfish. The procedure of catching and also eating castle is likewise closer to what your goldfish would do in the wild.

However, by purchasing live creatures indigenous a pet store, you threat introducing disease and infections to her tank.

Freeze dried foods

Like live foods, frozen dried foodstuffs offer lots of protein, but without the threat of disease.

For this reason, us recommend including freeze dried food in any type of balanced goldfish diet.


That’s right! You nothing just need to feed fish food to your goldfish. They can eat “human food” too, including vegetables.

One of the ideal choices of vegetable for goldfish is peas through the shells removed. Peas are good at avoiding constipation in goldfish.

To feeding peas to your goldfish, just rinse the peas, warm them in a pan or microwave to soften, then remove the shells.

Feed her goldfish 2 or 3 peas at a time, chopped into small chunks.

Other vegetable that deserve to be fed to goldfish encompass lettuce, kale, spinach and also cucumber.

The finest goldfish food

Goldfish need a balanced diet, so there isn’t yes, really one “best” goldfish food.


You must feed her goldfish two or three times per day, however only in very little amounts at a time.

Slowly add tiny pinches of food to your tank, for about one minute, never adding much more than her goldfish deserve to eat in this time.

If you leaving food in your tank after ~ feeding climate it will acquire stuck in your filter and rot, which will pollute your water. Friend should thus remove any type of uneaten food after ~ the feeding session.

It’s often a great idea to feed just before doing a water change, together you deserve to then remove any uneaten food when an altering the tank water.

If you save your water at a low temperature then your goldfish should eat also less 보다 this. Your goldfish’s management slows under at reduced temperatures, which method they need less food than as soon as kept in warmer water.

The main thing come remember as soon as deciding just how much to feeding a goldfish is this: it’s incredibly unlikely the you’ll ever seriously injury a goldfish by feeding it also little. Yet you could very easily feeding it too much!

What execute goldfish eat in the wild?

In the wild, goldfish eat crustaceans, plants, insects and also will sometimes also eat smaller sized fish. While friend obviously can’t match their natural diet exactly, girlfriend should shot to feed her goldfish food that is similar to what they would certainly eat in the wild.

As well as flakes and also pellets designed especially for them, goldfish will eat peas (with the shells removed), boiled vegetables, bloodworms and brine shrimp.

The above foods make a good change come flakes and also pellets. You have the right to read around other treats for her goldfish here!

If you choose to feeding live food – rather than frozen dried – then there is a slight threat of transferring an illness to your goldfish. To avoid this, frozen and freeze-dried foodstuffs are available. Castle not fairly as an excellent as live food, yet they carry out offer numerous of the very same benefits there is no the exact same risk of disease.


How long deserve to goldfish live there is no food?

If you’re going on vacation then there room 3 methods to feed your fish when you are away.

You might buy an automatically fish feeder that will release set amounts that food at continuous intervals. However, this is risky, together the feeder could breakdown and relax too much food!

Another option would be a feeding block – a block of food that sits in the water for your fish to nibble top top – but these have their problems too. Feeding blocks deserve to make her water cloudy and throw off her water parameters.

The crucial thing come realise is that goldfish deserve to live a surprisingly lengthy time without food! If you’re walking on holiday for 2 weeks or much less then it’s probably finest to just leave your goldfish there is no food. Trust us, they’ll it is in fine!

For longer holidays, questioning a girlfriend or neighbour to come in and feed your goldfish as soon as or twice, yet remember come teach them just how to carry out it properly! her friend may not recognize much around feeding goldfish therefore you have to tell them how much to feeding them, when to feeding them and also you have to dish out appropriate amounts of food because that them in advance.

(If you’re tho worried that your fish will certainly starve if no fed because that a mainly or two then perhaps the following article will reassure you! These 2 goldfish lived for four and also a half months with virtually no food!)

Where come buy goldfish food

Rather than buying goldfish food from the supermarket (where the food on offer tends to be reduced quality), you must buy goldfish food from high quality pet shops.

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Alternatively, buy food online, selecting from popular brands such as Tetra or Hikari.