User: What Asian nation avoided european colonization? THAILAND is the Asian country which avoided european colonization.

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User: The Napoleonic Code forced that household property divided amongst sons and daughtersbe provided to the eldest sonbe given to the Statebe offered to the youngest The Napoleonic Code forced that family property it is in divided amongst sons and also daughters. Andrew.|Points 53842|User: The Crimean War finished in the defeat of the .
The United says refused to join _____ following human being War I.the Warsaw Pactthe Triple Ententethe league of Nationsthe Axis powers The U.S. Refused to sign up with The league of Nations. User: that was a leader of France?Vittorio OrlandoWoodrow WilsonGeorges ClemenceauDavid Lloyd George Georges Clemenceau to be a leader the France. User: Events and trends ~ above the local, national, and an international sphere are interrelated.TrueFalse Events and trends ~ above the local, national, and worldwide sphere are interrelated. True User: The methodical killing the a people group by another is called _____.genocideterrorismeuthanasianationalism (More)
HOMER created The Iliad and also The Odyssey. User: The Socratic technique is a method of getting here at fact by questioning, obtaining answers, and also criticizing the answers.TrueFalse The Socratic an approach is a means of arriving at fact by questioning, obtaining answers, and also criticizing the answers. TRUE. User: Hinduism was established by Siddhartha Gautama.TrueFalse User: Sanskrit is the old language of . (More) The Opium battles opened oriental nations, particularly China, come trade v Europe. TRUE. User: choose all the apply.What are three qualities of the agricultural Revolution?More human being were needed for farming.Larger cities ended up being a reality.New tools made it feasible for much more crops to be grown.Crop rotation was invented, making that harder ~ above the soil.Farmers learned to control water with canals and wells. (More)
The battle of _____ was component of the 2nd Persian War. Wanting come avenge the battle of Marathon loss, Xerxes of Persia sent an military to hit 300 Spartans, Helots, and northern city-state soldiers, beating them after 3 days.Salamis BayThermopylaeIoniaThemistocles The fight of Thermopylae was part of the 2nd Persian War. User: Fighting in between the royal clans, the eunuchs, and the Confucian scholars caused the autumn of i beg your pardon Chinese dynasty?ShangSongHanTang Fighting between the imperial clans, the eunuchs, and the Confucian scholars led to the fall of Han dynasty. User: The Cairo Conference of 1994 was a conference of the United nations to discuss the problem of povertyoverpopulationgender equalityCommunism In 1994, the United countries sponsored a conference in Cairo to discuss overpopulation issues. User: many of the Communist nations that broke away from the Soviet Union currently practice what form of government?MonarchyCommunismRepublicDemocracy (More)
* 1. The couldn"t bear the cold that Alaska after life in the warm of Texas.He has been accused that theft, however we ... one of the significant impacts the the scientific transformation is that it result in breakthroughs in mathematics, ... The halocline describes the region below the blended layer whereby salinity alters as you move deeper underwater. ... Glaciers contain close come 70% of all the fresh water on Earth. Wind erosion is most usual in flat, bare locations ... The four main objectives for academic writing are to Inform, Entertain, Persuade, and Convince. User: A logical ... one of the best reasons to create is to express what we think. User: User: fill in the blank. One of the finest ... because it couldn"t progressive money, the united state government might not salary debts owed from the revolution or conveniently secure ...

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