Basket weaving is an art form that has been about for centuries. There are plenty of techniques that have the right to be offered for make baskets, each with their own unique style. Here we malfunction the four most common basket weaving techniques.

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If you are wanting to begin basket weaving as a understand or together a means to make extr income, the techniques you might want to shot include:


Plaiting is the easiest an approach for beginners to learn, while twining, wicker, and coiled baskets may take more practice in order to perfect. Because that a an ext in-depth watch at each of the basket weaving techniques, continue reading!



2 The 4 Techniques of Basket Weaving3 Is Basket Weaving tough To Learn?

Before You gain Started Weaving

Before you begin basket weaving, there room terms details to basket weaving the you will should know. The terms staves and spokes describe the “skeleton,” or frame, of the basket. A weaver refers to the product being woven.

Since basket weaving involves carefully weaving strands of a product over, under, or with a structure to develop a distinctive shape, that is essential to think about three questions before you start making a basket.

What is walk to be the basket’s purpose?What perform you want the size and also shape that the basket come be?What products are friend going to usage to make the basket?

The functions of baskets incorporate transportation, storage, and also decoration. The purpose will determine the size and shape that the basket, as well as the finest material and an approach to use. You want your basket to be big and long lasting enough because that its to plan purpose.

When it come to selecting a product for basket weaving, you have actually several options. It’s crucial to keep in psychic the flexibility and also rigidity that materials, i m sorry is why that is important to know what type of basket you space wanting come make prior to choosing a material.

If the material is too brittle, it can not bend sufficient to be woven through the basket framework without breaking. If the material is also rigid, the won’t bending at all. Stiffer products are usually used to develop the framework for the basket, while much more flexible materials are the people that room usually woven throughout the frame. Because that each technique, we will certainly look at the best types of products to use.

The 4 Techniques the Basket Weaving

In this section, we’ll go into more detail around each weaving technique.



Plaiting is the simplest basket weaving technique. The end an outcome will commonly be a flat, square, or rectangle-shaped basket. The pipeline of tropical tree such together yucca or palm space the best materials to usage for this technique. The leaves are woven with each other horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in an over-under pattern to produce right angles, giving baskets made with this technique a checkerboard appearance.

There are two species of plaiting that you have the right to use.

Simple plaiting is woven to follow a sample of end one, under one. This way that girlfriend weave the product over an additional material and under the next.Pattern plaiting is woven in a certain pattern. Because that example: over one, under two, definition that you weave the product over another material, and under the following two. For pattern plaiting, friend can also use two different colors the weavers.



Twining is a an approach where two or more weavers are woven around spokes. When we listen spokes, we generally think the a wheel. Since of this, baskets that are made using this method are usually round.

When creating this kind of basket, one weaver walk in front of the spoke, and also the other goes behind the spoke. The weavers are usually crossed end or twisted approximately each various other in in between spokes, therefore the form of material used for these baskets demands to be flexible, such together cedar bark, reeds, or roots.

It is crucial to pay fist to the orientation that the weavers when making the basket come make certain that the twisted is consistent throughout the whole basket. To make the basket more unique, you deserve to use two various colored weavers to develop a pattern, or friend can develop variations in the basket by adjusting the tightness of your rows.



Wicker baskets are the most daunting type that basket to make. The an approach for producing a wicker basket is comparable to twining since you begin with spokes and also weave the material roughly the spokes, however you do not need to cross the weavers end each various other in between spokes.

Instead, the weavers space usually woven between the spokes in an alternate over one, under one pattern. By alternating, we average that if the weavers space woven over one spoke and also under the following spoke in one row, climate on the row above, they will certainly be woven under the spoke and also over the next spoke. Wicker baskets can additionally have a collection of 2 or 3 spokes that room being woven around, instead of just one.

Wicker baskets can be made out of any form of reed or grass, but the most usual material used to make them is willow. Willow creates a much more sturdy basket. The spokes room made that thicker, more rigid willow rods, when the weavers space made that thinner, more flexible willow rods.

Even despite wicker baskets can be daunting to make, they room both beautiful and functional when finished. You can use a similar method to create wicker furniture as well, once you have actually mastered the basket weaving technique.



The last basket weaving method is referred to as coiling. This method is technically no “weaving.” Coiling involves taking a “core” material and wrapping it, then sewing the products together to develop a spiral. Because of the spiral shape, coiled baskets room usually round once finished.

Common materials used for coiling room sweetgrass, jaw needles, willow, or straw. For stitching the piece together, a threadlike product such together palmetto, raffia, or horsehair is normally used.

Is Basket Weaving hard To Learn?

As through anything new, basket weaving deserve to be difficult at first. It’s ideal to start with the easier techniques and also master them, then job-related your means up come the more difficult ones. Together you create much more baskets, the process will come to be easier.

Basket weaving kit are obtainable for you come purchase. These will certainly make basket weaving easier, much less time-consuming, and cheaper for both beginners and also experts.


Check the end this basket weaving kit on Amazon.

How long Does It take to Weave A Basket?

It depends on the size of the basket. Little baskets have the right to usually be completed in a day, while bigger ones have the right to take a main or two. Some approaches for basket weaving might take longer as well. The more facility the basket, the much longer it will take to complete.

How perform You Weave A ring Basket?

For round baskets, the base of the basket will certainly be comparable to the frame of a wheel. Note your spokes in the center, and also arrange castle in an overlapping, clockwise pattern so that the center lines room aligned to create a circle. Then, bend your base spokes upward and weave her weavers between the spokes follow to the layout of basket you desire to create.

Check the end this indict on just how to weave a round reed basket:

How do You Weave A Square Basket?

A square basket deserve to have a base that is a square or a rectangle, and also the base is typically made of flat materials that room woven in a method that resembles a checkerboard.

To produce the base, put 5 reeds parallel to each other and weave reeds perpendicular with them using the over one, under one pattern. Bend the base reeds upward, and also weave much more reeds through them utilizing the very same over one, under one pattern.

To handmade the bottom that a square reed basket, follow along with this tutorial:

Can You usage A Basket Weave To do A Placemat?

Yes! The plaiting method has been used for century to create hats, mats, and bags by societies of the Pacific Islands. Plaiting is the easiest and most typically used method for making placemats, but other techniques can be provided as well.

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The simplest means to create a placemat is to develop a square or rectangle base making use of a plaiting technique, without finishing the remainder of the basket. Friend will desire to make sure that her weave is an extremely tight to stop unraveling, and also seal her placemat to make it basic to clean in case of a spill.

You’re all set To begin Basket Weaving!

Baskets have actually so numerous uses and also there room so many alternatives for what you can create. Through breaking under each the the most typical basket weaving techniques, we hope us made it simpler for girlfriend to be able to start a new hobby, whether simply for fun or to do a profit.

It takes exercise to perfect any craft, yet with practice, you will certainly be ~ above your means to creating baskets that room not only helpful but beautiful as well!