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(Operating under the assumption that Genesis was authored through Moses, and also its intent is a polemic versus other origin stories and their see of the divine being at the time).

The Enûma Eliš is stated to have influenced the works in Genesis. What space the similarities and also differences in between the Genesis development account and other production stories the the time?

(Not limited to Babylonian—particularly interested come hear Egyptian origin stories from the moment as well.)



to compare the an easy elegance of the Genesis account to the Eygyptian story. God spoke. No fighting among different actors. Just "Let there be light", "Let there be one expanse between the waters to different water from water.","let the water teem with living creatures..." It yes, really sounds choose God speaking.
Enuma Elish and Genesis have the strongest connection in their first lines--"In the beginning" vs. "When top top high." part say the Genesis is created as a polemic against Enuma Elish. They space very different.

1a. Enuma Elish starts with the elemental representatives of chaos, Apsu and also Tiamat. They space the father and mother the the god respectively. It isn"t creation so much as shaping the chaotic matter that already exists.

1b. In Genesis, God stands over creation. And He creates it all. I do not check out 1:2 together the chaos the He shapes. I check out it together that is exactly how He developed it.

2a. In Enuma Elish, Apsu desires to death his children, the gods, since they room noisy. Tiamat do the efforts to protect them. Their son, Ea, cook of the gods, offers magic to send Apsu come sleep and then kills him. Ea and his consort have actually a child named Marduk that is stronger than themselves. Marduk"s playing with wind storms awakens the gods still sleeping within Tiamat.

Tiamat looks for revenge and also creates 11 monster to assist her. Marduk uses to it is in the gods" champion if he is allowed to be their leader afterwards. They agree, the fights Tiamat, kills her, and shapes her body parts into the earth and sky. He climate creates the stars and also regulates the sun, moon, and weather. Keep in mind that the does not develop the sun or moon. He merely regulates them.

The gods who sided with Tiamat are an initial forced to be servants of Marduk"s coalition. Then Marduk creates people to carry out the occupational the gods don"t desire to do. Babylon is created as the home of the cook gods and also Marduk is named king of all gods. This contains Enlil, that was king of the gods in the area"s earlier civilizations.

2b. Genesis connect on some of the high points, however is very different. God renders the sun, moon, and stars. That does not manage them. God creates man as the high allude of creation, not as a gyeongju of slaves. God does not fight other gods because there room none. There space no monster to fight. In fact, God creates the tannim, sea monsters or whales merely as component of his creation. God is not called or elevated come kingship. In Genesis, he is can be fried from the beginning.

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In an Egyptian account I review while in seminary, the creator god involved in "self abuse" to make the world and other gods.