A food chain describes the feeding relationship between a producer and also a solitary chain of consumers in one ecosystem
A food net is a design of the feeding relationships between many different consumers and also producers in an ecosystem.

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An energy duration is a model that shows the quantity of energy available at each feeding level of one ecosystem.
The producers of an ecosystem do energy easily accessible to all the other living parts of one ecosystems. Consumer like human beings eat the food that producers favor plants do decomposers decompose dead plants and also animals as soon as they die favor bacteria is a decomposer
The food web gives a better model of one ecosystem because the food net is a model in between MANY different consumers and producers in an ecosystem. If the food chain is a version for just one consumer and producer.
Because energy is shed as it move from producers to consumers, the bottom level is the largest. The accessible energy it s okay smaller and also smaller the farther up the pyramid friend go.
Explain exactly how the carbon cycle is related to a food web. Describe how energy and matter move through the foodweb and also the carbon cycle.

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Imagine the muskrats are removed from a wetlandecosystem. Suspect what would happen both come producers and also to second consumer
The food chain would failure and if the food chain breaks down all the animals would die, and also the ecosystem will certainly no much longer exist.