There space 3 hands on a clock and their names are Hour hand, minute hand, and second hand.

The shortest hand reflects the hour, a more drawn-out hand shows the minutes, and also the longest arm demonstrates the seconds. Some basic clocks have just two hands: the more restricted hand demonstrating the hour and the an ext extended hand reflecting the minutes.

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The tiny hand ~ above a clock that mirrors the hours. It goes when nonstop at continuous intervals (a huge portion that a day). Model: in the clock on the left, the hour hand is merely past the “8” so friend realize the moment is just past “8 o’clock”.


Different parts of the clock

Primary Wheel: The stuff train the a clock.

Departure Wheel: The pendulum or the toothed wheel that pivots in the escapement of a clock.

Case: The body that residences the components of a clock.

Minutes: The plan of bars in the sides of the clock the is used to demonstrate minutes.

Dial: The substance of a clock the tells the hours and also minutes with an setup of fixed-numbered dial or dials and moving hand in a basic clock.

Face: The item of a clock the is collection apart with estimations for devices of time.

Hours: The thicker or more articulated bars in the political parties of the clock that isolate the minutes and also used to display hours.

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Is over there A 4th Hand?

The fourth hand is a 24 hour hand the is made use of to tell the hour in some other time region. The fourth hand can be set cost-free of great importance hand come gauge some other time an ar and with the turning bezel a 3rd time an ar can be estimated. You can set up this 4th hand to understand the hour of another area country or landmass.

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