So, you desire to holidays in south America, and also you’ve excellent the hard bit – deciding i beg your pardon of the countless incredible destinations come explore. However with such a complex array of dry seasons, rainy seasons, altitudes, and tourist top seasons in south America, wherein on earth do girlfriend start once it involves planning the when?!

In this post, you’ll discover out the pros and also cons of visiting this glorious continent at various times that the year, and also you’ll be fully equipped because that booking that adventure.

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A basic Rulebook

If you’ve got this far already, friend won’t require reminding that southern America is a substantial continent, consisting of 12 different countries, and also spanning virtually 7 million square mile in area. It’s a ar of endless discovery, but the swampy mangroves, snow-capped mountains, bone-dry deserts, misty forest valleys, volcano islands, and dynamic urban of southern America every come with their very own unique collection of weather systems and also other travel factors.

The reality is, there is so lot variation and range that it’s following to difficult to speak what are the ‘best’ month to visit southern America – it is a year-round destination and you’re sure to have actually the time of her life whenever you choose to go. However, there space a few general rules that are beneficial to be affected by each other in mind as soon as planning your trip.

The seasons are reversed in the southern Hemisphere.The more south you go, the more clearly the seasons are defined.The closer you room to the equator (for example, Peru and Ecuador), the warmer the climate is consistent. The greater you rise in altitude, the cooler it gets.The cheapest time to travel to south America are the shoulder periods of Spring and also Autumn. Throughout the west holiday periods of July, August, and also December, prices are greater and attractions space busier.The northern parts have tendency to be much more favorable during the winter months once the temperatures space milder and there is less rainfall. The southernmost components of the continent (such together Patagonia) are best explored during the summer months once they are less icy and inhospitable.

Read on for a failure of simply what happens, and also where, in a southern American year.


Urban check out of White Santiago, Chile

Winter (June – August)

Winter in southern America marks the finish of the wet season – be ready for clearer skies and also cooler temperatures. This is probably the busiest traveler time, but for an excellent reason – the clear problems are perfect because that visiting sites choose Machu Picchu and also hiking in basic (make sure to book Inca trace tickets 6 months in advance), and also Brazil’s epic wetland the Pantanal brims v wildlife right now of year. Check out the Atacama Desert in the winter and also be rewarded by astonishingly clear starry skies in ~ night.

Patagonia in southerly Chile and Argentina is mainly shut down in the winter through harsh ice and also snow, yet some areas are open up for skiing and also other snowsports. It’s likewise worth bearing in psychic that during the dry season a thick fog dubbed La Garua descends ~ above Peru’s capital of Lima, whereas adjacent Cusco benefits from blue skies and minimal rain.

Buenos Aires master the Tango’s worldwide Festival and Dance world Cup in August each year which is worth a trip, when the finish of July transforms a small Bolivian town called San Ignacio de Moxos into a wild summer party of costumes and also color.

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When that comes down to it, lot depends top top the tasks you’re planning and where you’d prefer to visit. Numerous places in south America make good all year ring destinations, such together the Galapagos archipelago which have a constant succession that nesting, breeding, migrating, and also hatching seasons, however some places need a bit an ext careful planning. Some sites can concerned life in mystical merganser weather, while others room obscured, and also in some components of the continent such as Torres del Paine in Patagonia, the weather deserve to whistle v several periods in just one day! It’s constantly wise to recognize what’s coming, so carry out your homework, then get packing!


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