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I didn’t knowuntil freshly that follow to historians, Moriah, the website on which Abrahamtook his child Isaac in obedience to God’s command for sacrifice, is the sameplace whereby Jesus practically 2000 years later was crucified.

This blewmy mind. How might it it is in possible. What large irony. To be this a coincidence? – Or was thecoincidence the I want to create a devotion for the Lenten duration but couldnot think what to write around and here, God gave me the perfect topic come explore.

Off ns racedto study this “new” principle – only to uncover I must be one of the lastpeople come know about it – so an excellent is the lot of literature and sermons onthese different yet linked sacrifices.

So, if youare prefer me, the simple facts are as follows:

In Genesis22, Abraham is instructed to take his only son Isaac to the floor of Moriah andsacrifice him. Prior to he does, Godacknowledges his obedience and provides a lamb for sacrifice in Isaac’s place.

Almost 2000years later, the land has adjusted and cities and temples have been constructed anddestroyed. By the time we encounterJesus’ crucifixion, Jerusalem is developed on mount Moriah.

Golgotha islocated just external the walls of Jerusalem, not more than 700 m native the spotwhere King Solomon constructed the very first Jewish Temple. Follow to Jewishtradition Solomon developed the holy place on mountain Moriah, commemorating the exactspot where Abraham stretched out Isaac top top the altar the sacrifice. Jesus, TheLAMB of GOD is crucified (sacrificed) in the same ar where God detailed aram (or male lamb) to Abraham to it is in sacrificed in the ar of Abraham’sbeloved son, Isaac.

Mount Moriah, the temple of Solomon, the ar of Isaacsacrifice, and also Golgotha — are all the very same place.

WOW, exactly how MINDBLOWING: ns can’t save up with my evolving thoughts.

Genesis 22:2 – 14. With particular reference to Vs 2,7-8 and also Vs 12-14 (CEV)

The Lordsaid, “Go and also get Isaac, your only son, the one girlfriend dearly love! take it him tothe floor of Moriah, and I will present you a mountain where you need to sacrifice himto me top top the fires of an altar.

Isaac said,“Father, we have actually the coals and also the wood, yet where is the lamb for thesacrifice?” “My son,” Abraham answered, “God will carry out the lamb.”

Vs. 12 –14: “Don’t ache the boy or injury him in any type of way!” the angel said. “Now I know that you important obey God, becauseyou were willing to sell him your only son.” Abraham looked up and saw a ramcaught by its horns in the bushes. Therefore hetook the ram and sacrificed the in ar of his son. Abraham called that ar “The mr willprovide”. And even now people say, “Onthe hill of the Lord, it will certainly be provided.”

Luke 23 Vs34-35 Jesus said, “Father, pardon these people! lock don’t know what they aredoing.”

John 1: 29 –“The following day, John experienced Jesus coming in the direction of him and said: “Here is the Lamb ofGod who takes far the sin of the world!”

This to meis no a coincidence; every little thing is planned of and from God. There deserve to only be a God-incidence.

It is no acoincidence the Jesus was crucified ~ above this same spot. Every little thing is part of aGod’s plan. Not just some random event. Thiswas the fulfilment the the ancient prophecy - God’s promise. God toldAbraham that someday “on the mountain of the lord — it will certainly be provided”.And currently it was provided, in the person of Jesus Christ. He offered Himself for me.

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On a subtopic, that of provision; there is much emphasis in several of the study I didabout the grammar supplied in Abraham’s exaltation that God will provide. Not just did He carry out me with a object forthis devotion. No a coincidence ns wasat that spot wherein the conversation of the sacrifice and also crucifixion took place,but component of God’s plan, a God incidence that led to a wonderful trip ofresearch and discovery and also hopefully expansion in Christ Jesus.

I pray the you have learnt something moreabout our all-powerful and also all-knowing God.