Metal fans have actually die-hard opinions on bands they love — and bands castle hate. Nevertheless of which side of the line 5 Finger death Punch drops on for you, there’s one team they attach with prefer no other: troops that the United says Military.

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Maybe it’s your firmly anti-communist suggest of check out (Five Finger death Punch founder Zoltan Bathory to be born in Soviet-dominated Hungary and appreciates American democracy on an additional level). Or possibly it’s since they never ever forget the troops or law enforcement (Bathory even assisted a cop on the freeway one time). It might likewise be due to the fact that of all the song they write especially for soldiers.

According come Stereogum, if Billboard’s top 200 was quiet based completely on album sales, five Finger fatality Punch would certainly have had the #1 album in 2016. When readjusted for streaming sales, they to be still a near second. The band debuted at #2 with their three previous albums and at #3 with their 2011 album, American Capitalist.


Pfc. Man Dothage meets 5 Finger death Punch after castle performed for U.S. Troops at Camp Stryker, Baghdad, march 3, 2010

(U.S. Military photo by staff Sgt. Daniel Yarnall)

Look at their album titles: A te of Destruction, Got your Six, War Is The Answer, Way the the Fist, Pre-Emptive Strike. It’s clear the the fighting men and women of the United says are never far from their minds — or your work. That might have other to carry out with all of the USO mirrors where they’ve performed for troops in combat zones favor Iraq.

Ivan Moody, the band’s frontman said Stereogum:

“When we were end in Iraq play our USO tour, I had actually one soldier come up to me, and also he set a burned iPod under on the table. He didn’t ask me to sign it. He wanted me to store it. I looked at him a bit funny at first. He told me one of his closest friends went out on a mission and didn’t make it back. Let’s leave it at that. As soon as they uncovered him and his things, his iPod was stuck top top ‘The Bleeding.’ The last thing he was listening to before he went was one of our songs. I literally teared up.”

Including war imagery in songs and playing because that the troops is nothing new, yet Five Finger fatality Punch takes it a step more by employing a slew that veterans in their shows, tours, and also other material.

They advanced money because that PTSD awareness v a merchandise site, which additionally offers web links to get help. Castle even help U.S. Combat vets hit poachers in Africa. Your affection because that veterans earned lock the Soldier appreciation Award from the association of the United claims Army and dog tags donated from your military-veteran fans to adorn your “Wall of Heroes” and soaring album sales indigenous the troops who love them.

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Beyond writing songs because that troops and performing in USO tours, 5 Finger death Punch is there for veterans lengthy after they obtain out the the military.