The Pure Prairie League"s silky-smooth country-rock traditional "Amie" dates all the means back to the band"s sophomore album, 1972"s Bustin" Out. Tape member Craig Fuller"s song around "falling in and also out of love" v its location character became so popular that RCA records released it together a solitary in 1975.

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"Amie"s" airplay success most likely saved the Ohio-born band, which had been to reduce by RCA in 1973. A go back to RCA brought about the 1975 album Two lane Highway, i beg your pardon featured guest appearances by country music legends Chet Atkins, Johnny Gimble and also Emmylou Harris.

Country-tinged love track "Amie" stayed a huge part the the group"s live show when a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Oklahoma named Vince Gill joined its ranks from 1979-1981.

The over footage reminds united state that Gill sang several of the biggest hits from much easier times long before joining The Eagles.

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Pure Prairie League"s lone top 10 hit, 1980"s "Let Me Love girlfriend Tonight," attributes Gill as lead singer and defines his stint through the classic rock outfit.

As for the story behind "Amie," Fuller said the Tennessean that it"s "just a tune I wrote," therefore there"s no old fire to investigate.

He had way more come say around recording a big-budget album with producer Robert Alan Ringe and also such high-profile guests as David Bowie collaborator Mick Ronson.

"I think the track on that song had a lot of to do with it," Fuller stated of "Amie"s" sustained popularity. "We to be up there luxuriating (with) a large budget for back then. We were in Toronto every summer right throughout from Maple sheet Gardens. It took us all summer to document that record. The wasn"t also mixed yet and also at that time Gordon Lightfoot came in. We had actually the totality (studio) blocked the end in the days and Gordon Lightfoot would come in and also record in the evening. The did a document in two weeks. Stompin" Tom Connors, who was a man from Canada, country kind of guy, he did a document in 2 nights. So us were simply up there having actually a great time."

"Amie" Lyrics

I have the right to see why girlfriend think friend belong come me,I never tried to make you think,Or allow you view one point for yourself,And currently you"re off with someone else and also I"m alone,You see I believed I might keep you for my own.

Amie, what girlfriend wanna do?I think I might stay through you,For a when maybe much longer if i do.

Don"t girlfriend think the moment is ideal for united state to find,That every the things we believed weren"t appropriate could be ideal in time,Can"t you see which means we have to turn together or alone,I can never view what"s ideal or what is wrong,"Cause that take too long to see now.

Amie, what girlfriend wanna do?I think I could stay with you,For a when maybe longer if ns do.

Come on now,Amie, what you wanna do?I think I might stay with you,For a when maybe much longer if ns do.

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Now it"s involved what girlfriend want, you"ve had your way,And all the points you thought prior to just faded into gray,And can you see that ns don"t understand if it"s girlfriend or it"s me,But if it"s among us I"m sure we both will certainly see, yeah,Won"t friend look in ~ me and also tell me.