Videos and also solutions to help Grade 6 college student model and write identical expressions utilizing the distributive property. They move from a factored form to one expanded type of one expression. new York State typical Core math Module 4, great 6, lesson 12 associated Topics: great Plans and also Worksheets because that Grade 6 lesson Plans and Worksheets for all Grades an ext Lessons for Grade 6 usual Core for Grade 6 Learn how to use distributive building to recognize indistinguishable expressions lesson 12 opened Exercise a. Create a model to display 2 x 5 b. Develop a version to display 2 x b or 2b example 1

Write one expression that is equivalent to 2(a +b). Create a design to stand for (a + b). The expression 2(a + b) tells united state that we have 2 of the (a + b)’s. Produce a design that reflects 2 groups of (a + b). How countless a’s and how plenty of b’s execute you watch in the diagram? just how would the version look if we grouped together the a’s, and then grouped with each other the b’b"s? What expression might we create to represent the new diagram? What conclusion have the right to we attract from the models around equivalent expressions? to prove that these two creates are equivalent, let’s plugin some values for and and watch what happens. instance 2 write an expression the is indistinguishable to double (3x + 4y). How deserve to we rewrite twin (3x + 4y)? Is this expression in factored form, broadened form, or neither? Let’s start this trouble the same means that we started the first example. What should we do? How deserve to we adjust the model to display 2(3x + 4y)? room there terms that us can combine in this example? What is an equivalent expression that we have the right to use to stand for 2(3x + 4y)? Summarize just how you would fix this inquiry without the model. example 3 create an expression in expanded form that is identical to the version below. What factored expression is stood for in the model? How can we rewrite this expression? instance 4 compose an expression that is equivalent to 3(7d + 4e)

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Exercises develop a version for each expression below. Then write one more equivalent expression utilizing the distributive property. 1. 3(x + y) 2. 4(2h + g) apply the distributive residential property to write indistinguishable expressions. 3. 8(h + 3) 4. 3(2h + 7) 5. 5(3x + 9y) 6. 4(11h + 3g) 8. A(9b + 13) create an expression that is indistinguishable to double (3x + 4y). Rewrite one 2(9 +5k) and also 5(3m+2) utilizing the distributive property. Rewrite 12a+8b making use of the distributive property. class 12 exit TicketUse the distributive property to expand the complying with expressions.1. 2(b + c) 2. 5(7h + 3m)3. E(f + g) lesson 12 Problem collection 1. Usage the distributive residential property to compose the following expressions in broadened form.a. 4(x + y)b. 8(a + 3b)c. 3(2x + 11y)d. 9(7a + 6b)e. C(3a + b)f. Y(2x + 11z)2. Create a model to present that 2(2x + 3y) = 4x + 6y
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