What Spider-Man: much From Home's Shakespeare (Not Star Wars) Quote Really method Nick rage utters a acquainted Shakespeare quote in Spider-Man: indigenous Home. Here"s where it come from and what it means in the MCU.

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Iron male Spider-Man and also Nick Fury
Warning: major SPOILERS because that Spider-Man: much From Home!

In Spider-Man: much From Home, Nick fury (Samuel L. Jackson) utters a poignant quote to Peter Parker (Tom Holland): "Uneasy lies the head the wears the crown". It"s not just a line of dialogue familiar to readers of william Shakespeare (although probably not Star wars fans) but it additionally foretells the shocking disclose in the film"s 2nd end-credits scene. Let"s study the ingenious usage of this certain Shakespeare quote in Spider-Man: far From Home.

In Venice, Italy, fury recruits a wake up Spider-Man to sign up with him and a brand-new hero, Quentin Beck aka Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), in preventing other-dimensional monsters called the Elementals. On a boat ride come Fury"s secret headquarters, the paranoid spy and also the teenage superhero reminisce about the late Tony stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). Stark choose Peter together his protege before he passed away saving the human being in Avengers: Endgame and the billionaire bequeathed Peter E.D.I.T.H., one A.I. User interface that sponsor Spider-Man access to stark Industries" network and also weaponry. The was during the watercraft ride the Fury quoted Shakespeare and also "Uneasy lies the head the wears the crown", which has some intriguing effects for Spider-Man and also the higher MCU.

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The quote comes from William Shakespeare"s Henry IV, part II, where King Henry says the line in act III, scene I. Henry IV was King the England indigenous 1399-1413 after that usurped the crown indigenous Richard II. King Henry spent lot of his regime defending self from rebellions, assassination attempts, and also plots against him. In Shakespeare"s play, Henry claims "Uneasy lies the head the wears a crown" in a soliloquy; he"s tired, sick, and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a king. Shakespeare depicted Henry was a weak leader who feared his crown taken from him, possibly due to the fact that as a usurper, he might not have felt he had the divine right the kingship bestowed top top him by God.

The quote has deeper meanings in Spider-Man: far From Home. For Peter Parker, the highlights that, as Tony Stark"s protege, the teenaged superhero feels that isn"t all set or right to i think the responsibility as "the following Iron Man". ~ Tony died, Peter has actually been struggling through the idea that Spider-Man is meant to change Iron male - even the news media requirements to understand whether he"s the following leader the the Avengers. Because that Peter, his summer holidays in Europe was expected to be his escape and also his chance to pursue his feelings for MJ (Zendaya). Instead, his holiday was hijacked since of his duties as a superhero and also he has actually to confront inheriting Tony"s legacy head-on.

However, the quote is even an ext compelling from the perspective of Nick Fury, particularly in light of the disclose that this isn"t Nick rage at all - Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), the Skrull leader from Captain Marvel, to be posing as the superspy the entire time! The nuance here is that by impersonating Fury, Talos is living the paranoid former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D."s clandestine life the secrets and lies. Since Talos successfully "is" Fury, he end up shouldering the duty of exposing and also stopping Mysterio and wrangling Spider-Man in the direction of his better destiny - whether or no either of castle is ready for it. While the seems like he"s referencing Peter, Talos quoting Shakespeare likewise could be viewed as a comment on himself, his own doubts, and his secret belief the he"s poor to fill Nick Fury"s shoes however he has to anyway.

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So, when Peter and his classmates native Midtown institution of science and technology may no have gained the education and learning in scientific research while touring Europe they hope for, pan watching Spider-Man: far From Home received a tiny bit Shakespearean knowledge whether they establish it or not.