Retweets look favor normal Tweets however are identified by the Retweet icon. Here is a action by step guide you deserve to follow to delete a Retweet from Twitter. 


Twitter is just one of the most widely offered microblogging platforms with countless active an international users. The communication is particularly used in breaking and also spreading the news in real-time. ~ above Twitter, 280 characters create a entirety story. You deserve to post, like, and retweet tweets ~ above Twitter.

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What is a Retweet? In simple language, a Retweet is a re-posting the a Tweet. Now, if girlfriend accidentally retweeted something that you execute not want your Twitter followers to check out then you deserve to delete it from your timeline. However, there is no specific delete tweet button for a retweet, yet you deserve to undo a retweet that removes the retweet from your profile. You have the right to follow these steps to delete a Retweet indigenous Twitter.

Retweets look choose normal Tweets through the author"s name and username alongside it however are distinguished by the Retweet icon and the name of the human being who Retweeted the Tweet.

How to delete a Retweet indigenous Twitter

Here is a step by step overview you deserve to follow come delete a Retweet native Twitter.

Step 1: First, go to Twitter (Official website or app)

Step 2: Next, Sign in to your account by entering the user ID and password.

Step 3: Now, scroll to the retweet that you wish to remove from her profile.

Note: Retweets are marked by a green arrow icon in the top-right corner of the tweet.

Step 4: You simply need to click the Retweet icon.

Step 5: two options will appear on the screen.1. Undo Tweet2. Retweet v comment.

Step 6: to delete the retweet, click Undo Retweet.

Once you click on it! you will see that the retweet has been deleted from your profile, her followers won"t watch it no longer in their feed and also on your profile. But remember, it will not delete the original Tweet.

In part cases, you will see the lock icon next come someone"s name on their profile page or your Tweets, their Tweets room protected and also you will certainly not be able to Retweet your content.

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