Transferring in between 3DS handhelds no a particularly complicated process, but it deserve to be intimidating and time consuming. Permit this walkthrough to assist facilitate the process.

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You may have gained a new 3DS top top Friday, and also if this no your first 3DS, it’s likely you will want to relocate your account, your downloaded games, and also all your save records from your old 3DS to your brand-new 3DS. The very first thing you will want to do before removing storage cards or diving into menus, is to make certain both your old and new 3DS have the latest firmware. As soon as transferring to my new 3DS, I had actually to drop everything to care or this very first derailing the entirety process.


Once you have actually both your 3DSs approximately date, the following step is to ago up your memory card. Take her SD card the end of your old 3DS and also copy every one of its files somewhere on your computer. Her memory card residences all her eShop downloads and also save files. When that is complete, it’s time come copy every one of that data into your brand-new memory card.

Whether you’re using the 4GB microSD storage card consisted of with the new 3DS, or opted for something bigger, friend will require to access the memory card slot which is locked behind the brand-new 3DS’ back panel. To eliminate the panel, unscrew the two small screws behind on the ago of the brand-new 3DS, and also then usage the tiny hook in ~ the height of the brand-new 3DS’ stylus to pry the dashboard off. You need to see tiny indents on either side of the panel whereby the stylus’ hook will certainly fit.


Once friend have accessibility to the memory card, copy every one of the data from your computer system onto the brand-new memory card, insert it ago into the brand-new 3DS, and also replace the panel. You need to not require to access it again throughout this process. Don"t delete the 3DS files from your computer as it will serve as a back-up, safety net because that all her data in case anything goes wrong.


Now it’s time to execute the really transfer. Ar your two 3DSs side by side and also make sure they are both associated to her wireless network. In system Settings, go to Other setting on both handhelds, and go to mechanism Transfer.

And climate head to web page two.


Set your old 3DS to send data, and collection your new 3DS to obtain data. The likely during this step you will have sign in with your Nintendo Network ID.

You will have to select the target 3DS from a list, which will most likely only have one choice on the – unless there room others make the efforts to deliver 3DS data ~ above the exact same wireless network.


This is where things can end up being intimidating, together there is several red text warning friend of possible deletion – however you’ve backed up all her saves, etc. To her computer, so don’t worry! This is the full text of the warning that shows up on your 3DS:

The following will take place if you proceed with the transfer:

Data top top the target mechanism will be overwritten with data indigenous the resource system.The source system’s system memory will be formatted deleting all dataOnce performed, the transport will not be able to be undoneTime-limited can be downloaded content and also downloadable content v a minimal number of supplies purchased on the target device will be lostAny software program or downloadable content present on both the target system and the resource system will certainly be replaced with the of the resource system, and also the original target-system will certainly no longer be usable.Data produced by the target mechanism on a microSD Card will certainly no much longer be useable (excluding Nintendo 3DS Sound recordings and Nintendo 3DS Camera photos and videos.)You will certainly not be able to perform one more transfer 7 days.Please no that transforming off the device or disabling wireless interaction during the move may result in lose of data.

When i transferred, I also got an alert saying some of the data wouldn’t come to the brand-new 3DS. This ended up being a few DSiWare games (which loss under a different category than eShop gamings for some reason) and also I simply redownloaded them after the transfer was complete. It’s possible you might not even see this alert.

The following alert girlfriend will check out will show up on your brand-new 3DS reading, “Perform a deliver without deleting the Nintendo 3DS data on the microSD card?” you will desire to select “Yes” together we have currently put our data ~ above the new microSD card in the brand-new 3DS.

To end up the process, head to web page three.


Next, you will be offered three choices and some details around them regarding how to carry the memory card data. You deserve to choose in between a Wireless Transfer, a Low-Capactiy microSD card Transfer, or a PC-Based Transfer. Girlfriend will desire to choose the third option, “PC-Based Transfer” as this is technically what us have already done.

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The steps you see below will then show up on your old 3DS, and as girlfriend have already taken treatment of this you have the right to hit following twice and also then fight “Move.”


Time come take treatment of this lover time-consuming process. Https://

— Kyle Hilliard (
KyleMHilliard) February 13, 2015

I saw an alarm on my brand-new 3DS at this point about DSiWare titles save data being moved to my device memory. It’s possible you may not view this message as very few titles on the eShop loss under the DSiWare designation.

After that, you must be every set! Promptly litter away your old 3DS because… what else would certainly you need it for?