Reading the wind and putting it right into words can be specifically confusing. Learn just how to transform wind directions in levels to compass directions, and check out their equivalent official abbreviations.

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How do you review wind direction? which direction is SSW? which direction is 0 (zero) degrees - phibìc or south? every you need is a rose of the Winds and a great memory.

The very first thing we need to recognize is that wind direction is reported as the orientation from where the wind is blowing.

For instance, if it\"s coming the end of the southeast and blowing towards the northwest, that is a south east wind.

The 4 cardinal point out are clearly identified in the wind rose alongside your initials - phibìc (N), southern (S), West (W), and also East (E).

That is something friend probably know already.

However, this are an easy directional surname that almost never relate to a real-life wind direction scenario.

Winds are constantly shifting, and also they don\"t punch rigorously according to human-designed tables.

In order to improve the top quality of the readings, over there are 4 other intercardinal direction - Northeast (NE), southeast (SE), Northwest (NW), and Southwest (SW).


The 32-Point Compass Rose

But there\"s more. It is still no enough.

The europe nautical tradition presented the 32-point compass increased - somewhere in between the 5th and 15th centuries - to increase the precision the the wind direction calculations.

The 3rd layer that readings is rarely used in our daily lives.

However, sailors, windsurfers, and kitesurfers may point to castle professionally due to the fact that these precise wind direction have direct impacts on their performances.

The expression southwest by southern (SWbS), phibìc by east (NbE), eastern by south (EbS), or northwest by west (NWbW) might require practice from the person who assesses the wind but they will definitely include accuracy come the readings.

Now the we\"ve seen just how wind direction is often reported in cardinal directions, it\"s time to look at the numbers.

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But exactly how do number representations show the direction the the wind in particular?


The reality is that wind direction can additionally be presented in azimuth degrees, i.e., in a number measure the moves roughly the increased of the Winds in a clockwise circle indigenous 0 levels (N) come 360 degrees (N).

So, if north represents 0 degrees, then eastern is 90 degrees, south is 180 degrees, and also west sit at 270 degrees. Easy, isn\"t it?

Check out the 32 cardinal points, their equivalent abbreviations, and also degrees:

Cardinal PointAbbreviationAzimuth Degrees
North by EastNbE11.25°
Northeast by NorthNEbN33.75°
Northeast through EastNEbE56.25°
East by NorthEbN78.75°
East through SouthEbS101.25°
Southeast by EastSEbE123.75°
Southeast by SouthSEbS146.25°
South by EastSbE168.75°
South by WestSbW191.25°
Southwest by SouthSWbS213.75°
Southwest by WestSWbW236.25°
West by SouthWbS258.75°
West through NorthWbN281.25°
Northwest by WestNWbW303.75°
Northwest by NorthNWbN326.25°
North through WestNbW348.75°