There are many different execution of the 3 dots tattoo and many different interpretations as well, ranging from an easy and aesthetic to dark and complicated. The three dots have the right to be arranged in a selection of ways, depending on the intention and also can additionally be fancy or shaded in slightly in different ways to allow for a number of options in design. The three dots, i ordered it in a triangular shape, deserve to represent a criminal lifestyle alluding to gang membership and serving time in prison. The not uncommon to view one human being with the 3 dots tattoo v others that have comparable tats. That does not necessarily typical that they are still in gangs, however there is a pretty good chance that they to be once part of gangs and proud the it.

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The little and straightforward black dots are frequently placed ~ above the face in between the eye and also the holy place making it very visible. The placement serves together a depiction of the prestige of crime and counterculture in the individual’s life. The factor why it is do so clearly shows is since the owner wants others to recognize that castle live the “hard” life. It is a way to intimidate others both inside of and also outside of prison. It’s also a method for fellow gang members to easily recognize one of their own, which is made much easier by the fact that they have the specific same three dots tattoos on their faces.

The an ext obvious the location of the 3 dots, the more prevalent crime is in the who world. Some human being will get the 3 dots tattoo right alongside one of their eyes, if others could get the tat top top their eight or hand. It all comes down to how quickly the owner wants people to recognize their gang affiliation. In some cases, corridor members don’t have actually a choice since anyone in their gang gets the three dots tattoo in the very same area.

The dots in the 3 dots tattoo space a prize of the Latin American rule of “mi vida loca”, which way “my crazy life” in Spanish, whereby each period represents one word. This is one of the plenty of reasons why the three dots are preserved so near together. The expression is popular among central American gangs all over the Americas and also the numerous gangs that take on the “gangster” lifestyle.

The triangularly shaped dots can be inserted in other areas on the body but generally are placed in noticeable locations, prefer on the hand or fingers, come emphasize the way of living to others. This layout of 3 dot tattoo is regularly done when incarcerated and is taken rather seriously together a gang symbol. As soon as a gang member does gain the three dot tattoo on their hand fairly than your face, it can be to keep the tattoo hidden from police if also permitting fellow corridor members to see that they room affiliated with them.

Tattoo designs entailing three solitary dots execute not necessarily median that the human being are affiliated v a gangster lifestyle, also if placed in triangle form. In part cases, the dots room arranged and also tattooed this means simply due to the fact that of the the opposite of the design. Owner of these tattoos have the right to come up with any variety of three period tattoo meanings due to the fact that there are plenty of points that use the number three. For example, who who wants to obtain a really cheap and also private tattoo might get the three dots tattoo to represent three really important moment or people in their lives.


Dots have the right to be rendered in a horizontal or vertical line, straight or diagonal. This is regularly done just for the minimalist aesthetic and also for the simple appearance that the 3 dots. The dots have the right to be the exact same size to store the the contrary or vary in size, color, or shade. There are hundreds of design avenues that you can go down through the 3 dots tattoo once you’re not acquiring it together a corridor tattoo.

The photo of 3 dots have the right to hold religious significance as well. The number 3 is regularly a referral to the divine Trinity in Christianity and represents the Son, the Father, and the holy Spirit. Some civilization will gain a spiritual version that the 3 dots tattoo the looks precisely like the gangster version, when others might put a lot much more space between the dots.

The three dots deserve to be accompanied by a crucifix or other religious iconography to do the intention of the tattoo clean although the added imagery have to be clean and simple so that the three dots room emphasized fairly than hidden. Moons or stars work-related well with the dots to produce a minimalist constellation design.

Interestingly, some civilization combine three dot tattoo interpretations to make this tattoo even much more personal. It’s not uncommon at every for someone to gain a three dot tattoo to stand for both their “crazy” side and also their spiritual side. ~ all, many of prisoners discover religion if they room behind bars for this reason it makes sense that they would discover the three dot tattoo to it is in the perfect tat because that them.


In a literary feeling the three dots stand for the ellipsis, a grammatical facet used to indicate the incompletion the a thought or phrase. The ellipsis alludes come something the is no stated but possibly implied, a sentence the trails off and leaves question. The ellipsis tattoo is a price of continuation, a path or journey that leads come something more for much better or worse. It to represent something that does no necessarily should be claimed or written but it much better left unsaid.

What’s interesting is that civilization often think the someone has actually a 3 dots tattoo when they actually have the five dots tattoo. These two tats have various meanings, despite they can look rather similar. Through the 5 dot tattoo, the owner is trying to display that they space the fifth dot trapped inside of the other four dots, representing your time spent in prison.

When looking in ~ a three dots tattoo, it is essential to look at the form of the dots prior to coming to any type of conclusions around the meaning of the tattoo. If the dots are in the form of a triangle, they could represent any kind of of the points we pointed out above. If they room in a directly line, there’s a pretty an excellent chance the the owner is no in a gang. Because the 3 dots tattoo can make someone seem choose they’re in a gang even though they aren’t, it’s constantly a great idea to get other designs approximately the three dots to make the an interpretation a little clearer.

The number three itself has quite a couple of meanings, and the three dots tattoo could have more to perform with the number than the dots. For example, someone can get the 3 dots tattoo to stand for “motivation” since that is just one of the an ext well-known meanings for the number three. This is yet an additional reason why you do not do it assume that a 3 dots tattoo automatically way that the owner the the tat is or ever before was in a gang. However, if you do want to use the number three in this way, we recommend trying to find an additional design than the three dots tattoo to protect against unwanted confusion.

You might additionally find that the 3 dots to be used since they room a cheap and easy tattoo come get. 3 friends could get 3 dots apiece to stand for their friendship, though these tattoos are very rarely on the face. These types of cheap tattoos are often done exterior of a tattoo parlor because pretty lot anyone might make a dot with a needle. Us don’t recommend making your very own tattoos, however it’s certainly not uncommon.


To go also further, the 3 dots can represent something very an individual to the owner. The dots could represent loved ones or even an individual goals. It’s an inexpensive tattoo that have the right to have multiple meanings for the owner and they just wanted noþeles that might represent those meanings.

That gift said, the three dots tattoo is normally seen together a jail tat, specifically when that is attracted on the owner’s face. That doesn’t median you have to assume that the person is corridor affiliated, yet it is the most usual meaning.

Obviously you have actually a lot come think around if you are planning on obtaining a three dots tattoo. If friend don’t desire it come be viewed as a gang tattoo, it would certainly be best to not obtain it in a triangular shape and also to avoid getting it on or approximately your face. Friend can really easily get the three dots to blend in through a bigger architecture if friend really want to have actually a 3 dots tattoo.

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It’s most likely pretty how amazing to discover out that the three dots tattoo has so plenty of meanings. While it is a tattoo that was as soon as seen as just an additional gang tattoo, it now has every one of the meanings listed above and also plenty of others. In every honesty, the a tattoo that you’ll desire to stop altogether unless you’re able to find a unique architecture that i will not ~ confuse people.