Twenty years due to the fact that the airing that the last episode, looks ago at seven methods that "The Wayans Bros." associated with the civilizations of hip hop and also R&B. Take it a look!

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The "90s to be a glorious time for city America; together a number of sitcoms reflecting the lifestyle, society and values of young black Americans were making an influence on pop culture. One television show that covered this trifecta to be "The Wayans Bros." certification actors/comedians Shawn and also Marlon Wayans, i m sorry was collection in the siblings" hometown of new York City. Assuming the duties of two working-class brothers with dreams of pursuing your passions and also transitioning from their day jobs, Shawn and Marlon"s comedic chemistry with cast-mates man Witherspoon (John "Pops" Williams) and also Anna Maria Horsford (Deirdre "Dee" Baxter") made the display extremely popular.

However, in enhancement to the humor, "The Wayans Bros." additionally struck a chord as result of its adopt of the time"s sound -- an especially rap music and R&B -- v the Wayans" inviting a slew that star acts native both genres. In enhancement to this cameos, the brothers additionally presented themselves as commodities of i know well hop, embracing the fashion and also slang in a way that was wholly authentic.

twenty years since the airing that the last episode, looks ago at seven methods that "The Wayans Bros." connected with the civilizations of i know well hop and also R&B.

1. The layout Song

The very first episode that "The Wayans Bros." put viewers on notice that i know well hop society would it is in a prominent component of the show, together Shawn and Marlon handpicked the instrumental for A Tribe dubbed Quest"s 1993 solitary "Electric Relaxation" as its opening template song. Following the second season, "Electric Relaxation" was replaced by a quick-strike beat till a track co-produced by the Wayans brothers and Omar Epps soundtracked the intro because that the series" continuing to be two series. This nods come the tandem"s roots together hip hop fans, but subtle, were prevalent in make it one of the more popular TV shows of the culture.

2. Busta Rhymes" random Act the Kindness

In the show"s fourth season, Shawn and Marlon gain in hot water once they"re caught scalping ticket to a Busta Rhymes concert, placing them ~ above the Grammy-nominated rapper"s bad side. However, the encounter eventually culminates with Busta doing the charity act of putting on a live performance to save Dee"s church indigenous foreclosure. The an initial rapper to make his means on to "The Wayans Bros." set, Busta -- who cemented himself as a superstar v his platinum certified sophomore album When catastrophe Strikes... -- would go on come have an additional breakout year, unleashing his E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): the Final world Front, at the tail-end of 1998.

3. Keith Sweat"s Guest Appearance

In might 1997, R&B star Keith Sweat ended up being the an initial musical artist to do a cameo top top the show, showing up in the season 3 episode once Marlon"s loyalty to Shawn is tested by the chance to accompany Sweat top top a nationwide tour. In ~ the time, Sweat was in the middle of the optimal years the his career, coming off the relax of 1996"s Keith Sweat, his many successful album to date. He would go ~ above to kind the team LSG with fellow R&B heartthrobs Gerald Levert and Johnny Gill later on that year.

4. En Vogue"s take over of The Neidermeyer Building

The Neidermeyer building and also Pop"s Diner gain bombarded by the paparazzi during the fourth season the the show after Marlon spreads a salacious rumor including himself and also R&B team En Vogue. The younger Wayans brother eventually makes amends v the trio, who finish the episode through a power of your EV3 single "Let it Flow." exit in the months preceding this appearance, EV would certainly be the group"s critical album prior to going on a an extensive hiatus, returning with their 4th studio album, Masterpiece Theatre, in 2002.

5. Missy Elliott"s Backstage Encounter

throughout the show"s 5th season, Dee connects v a small thief she encountered in her past, who simply so wake up to it is in rap star Missy Elliott, and also Elliott gifts the protection guard v a pair of cost-free tickets to her concert. Shawn accompanies Dee and a wild drunken night leads to the assumption that the two friends slept together. Marlon is eventually revealed as the culprit behind staging the compromising situation, however Elliott and protege Nicole Wray"s performance of their hit solitary "Make the Hot" was intoxicating sufficient to do Shawn and also Dee imagine the worst.

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6. Paula Abdul together "Sasha"

art imitates life in the final season the "The Wayans Bros." when Paula Abdul suspect the role of a human being famous singer, who propositions Shawn come father her child. The sell is a tempting one, yet Shawn opts to decrease due to being morally conflicted end the thought of not being involved in his child"s life. Abdul, who released commercially successful studio albums and also multiple chart-topping singles throughout she career, walk on to serve as a referee on "American Idol." top top this show, she helped introduce R&B stars prefer Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and also Jordin Sparks to the public.