Which is not a role of the urinary system?a. Regulation that blood volumeb. Excretion the wastesc. Regulation that erythrocyte d. Regulation of lymphocyte productione. Warehouse of urine

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Which is no correct concerning the kidneys?a. The kidneys space retroperitonealb. The kidneys space surrounded by a fibrous renal capsulec. The kidneys are cushioned and insulated by adipose tissued. The indented medial surface ar of the kidney is called the renal papillae. The kidney is written of an inner renal medulla and also an external renal cortex
Where room the renal pyramids situated within the kidney?a. Renal cortexb. Renal sinusc. Renal pelvisd. Renal papillae. Renal medulla
Urine developed in the pyramids must circulation within the kidney to the ureter. Which structure is not part of the transport route within the kidney the carries come the ureter?a. Renal sinusb. Significant calyxc. Renal pelvisd. Young calyxe. No exceptions; all selections transport urine
Which is the correct sequence the arteries the a drop of blood would flow through together it gotten in the kidney and also moved towards a glomerulus?a. Segmental artery-interlobar artery-interlobular artery-renal artery-arcuate arteryb. Interlobar artery-segmental artery-interlobular artery-renal artery-arcuate arteryc. Renal artery-interlobar artery-segmental artery-arcuate artery-interlobular arteryd. Renal artery-segmental artery-interlobar artery-arcuate artery-interlobular arterye. Arcuate artery-interlobular artery-segmental artery-interlobar artery-renal artery
Which is no correct regarding nephrons?a. The renal corpuscle contains the glomerulus and the glomerular capsuleb. The renal tubule is written of the proximal convoluted tubule, nephron loop, and distal convoluted tubulec. The nephron is the functional unit of the kidneyd. 85% that nephrons room cortical nephronse. The renal corpuscle might be located in the renal cortex or renal medulla
The capillaries that the glomerulus differ from other capillary networks in the body because they _____a. Carry only deoxygenated bloodb. Drain into an arteriole instead of a venulec. Save no endotheliumd. Absorb nutrients from the glomerular capsulee. Secrete mucus
Place the areas of the nephron in the exactly order for the procedure of pee formation. A: Capsular space of glomerulusb: Nephron loopc: Collecting ductd: Distal convoluted tubulee: Proximal convoluted tubule
Which portion of the renal tubule is described as having simple cuboidal epithelium with just a sparse brush border the microvilli?a. Proximal convoluted tubeb. Distal convoluted tubec. Ascending limb of nephron loopd. Descending limb of nephron loope. Collecting duct
Urine circulation from the renal pelvis come the urinary bladder is produced by _____a. Ciliary action in the renal pelvisb. Suction from the urinary bladderc. Peristalsis the the uretersd. Hydrostatic pressure from the little intestinee. Convulsion of the detrusor muscle
What is the value of transitional epithelium in the urinary system?a. Its cilia assist propel the urineb. It can contract to create peristalsisc. It allows distensiond. The protects against traumae. It gives cushioning
Where in the urinary tract is transitional epithelium found?a. Urinary bladderb. Urethrac. Ureters, urinary bladder, and also prostatic urethrad. Ureterse. Ureters and urinary bladder
The muscularis layer of the urinary bladder is typically called the _____ muscle.a. Micturitionb. Extrusorc. Trigoned. Detrusore. Extrinsic
Micturition _____a. Is an additional name because that urinationb. Is a reflex motivated by stretch receptor in the urinary bladderc. Calls for the opening of two sphinctersd. Needs contraction that the muscular layer of the urinary bladdere. All of the selections are correct
Which is no of ureteric bud origin?a. Renal pelvisb. Collecting ductc. Minor calyxd. Distal convoluted tubulee. Ureter
The urethra and also urinary bladder develop from a structure referred to as the ______a. Allantoisb. Urachusc. Cloacad. Urogenital sinuse. Urethral bud
The urinary and reproductive systems construct from _____a. Mesodermb. Ectodermc. Endodermd. Mesoderm and ectoderme. Endoderm and ectoderm
Which is no correct concerning the juxtaglomerular apparatus?a. The macula dense cells monitor electrocyte concentrations in tubular fluidb. The macula thick cells room modified epithelial cells of the distal convoluted tubulec. The juxtaglomerular cells room modified smooth muscle that the efferent arterioled. The juxtaglomerular cells release renine. Renin triggered the renin-angiotensin pathway, bring about aldosterone production
Which walk not get in or exit the kidney in ~ the hilum?a. Renal arteryb. Ureterc. Renal veind. Renal plexuse. No exceptions; all choices enter or departure the kidney in ~ the hilum


Hole"s Essentials of person Anatomy & Physiology12th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis

Hole"s Essentials of human Anatomy & Physiology11th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis

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