"The Night the lamp Went the end in Georgia" is simply one that those songs that sticks with you no matter how many times you"ve heard it. The murder ballad"s story is so engrossing, friend feel choose the characters are practically real.

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The song, written by Bobby Russell in 1972, follows along with a character we only know as "Brother," who stops at a bar one night to hear from "Andy" that his wife has actually been cheating on him. That goes residence to find little footprints trailing from his house to Andy"s, and he follows them through his gun. Once he gets there, he finds Andy dead and also gets convicted for his murder. You find out later on that the actual culprit was the song"s narrator -- Andy"s "Little Sister" -- who killed Andy and also Brother"s wife.

When Russell first wrote the song, the couldn"t find anyone to document it. It was presented come Cher, but her husband Sonny Bono (at the time) thought it could offend her fans in the south. Russell was married to Vicki Lawrence, for this reason she made decision to record the tune with the music backings the the Wrecking Crew.

Vicki Lawrence

At the time Vicki Lawrence exit her single in 1972, she was a regular performer ~ above the Carol Burnett Show. It was a substantial shock come her as soon as the solitary reached No. 1 ~ above the BillboardHot 100 charts. Carol Burnett also presented Lawrence through an RIAA gold document to celebrate over one million copies sold ~ above the show.

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Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker adhered to with her very own version that the song in 1981. Her text were slightly altered in order come fit the plot the the film by the same name which starred Kristy McNichol, Dennis Quaid, note Hamill, and Don Stroud. The brand-new lyrics yes, really don"t share any of the same plot points as the original.

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Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire extended the song for she 1991 album, For My broken Heart. Though the song only reached number 12 top top the charts, it had a successful and memorable music video clip directed by Jack Cole. The music video clip expanded top top the plot that the song, mirroring McEntire playing the role of "Little Sister." In the video, Playboy design Barbara Moore played the function of "the wife."

"The Night the lights Went the end in Georgia" Lyrics:

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