“It’s always darkest just before dawn” is one of those sayings that’s expected to sell hope to those going v trials, specifically when they space long-lasting. Literally, the phrase describes how black color the night sky is when the first light of dawn seeps in. However this picture of nature is offered most frequently to display the ebb and also flow of difficulties we experience.

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I’ve heard this phrase spoken to me and also others, and also looking back, I deserve to see there’s fact to it. Circumstances have on occasion carried me close come despair, then made a rotate toward the positive. And also often a case seems at its worst just prior to we begin to see points improve.

This saying has been offered so often and also for for this reason long, that plenty of assume it come from the Bible. Yet I uncovered that wasn’t the case. Interestingly, return this particular phrase no originate in oh my god Word, the an interpretation behind the does have actually similarities with Scripture. God actually has a good deal to say about tough times, namely the we can make it with them, and that they will not critical forever.

The origin Of "It"s always Darkest Just before the Dawn"

The very first known use of this phrase, in composing at least, was in 1650, as soon as the English author Thomas Fuller created this version in “A Pisgah-Sight that Palestine and also The confines Thereof,” a publication of his travels:

“It is always darkest just before the work dawneth.”

Fuller can have written this himself, however it’s an ext likely that he recorded a much more ancient proverb that had been passed down v the years. In 1858, Samuel Lover deadline the saying to the ireland in his collection “Songs and also Ballads”:

As i explored Scripture, ns found numerous echoes the this reassurance, however with a type of twisted on Fuller’s saying. God tells us in His word that when we reach the end of our endurance, there is aid to be found - not in our very own strength or even fate, yet in oh my god power and also provision.

Scriptures around Darkness and also Dawn

Throughout the Bible, us can find a connection between darkness and also dawn. Few of the verses referral the actual process in nature the night transforming to morning, provided either to proclaim God’s strength or to suggest a i of time.

“He who made the Pleiades and also Orion, who turns midnight into dawn, and darkens day right into night.” Amos 5:8

“That night Jacob got up and took his two wives, his 2 female servants and also his eleven sons and also crossed the ford that the Jabbok...So Jacob was left alone, and a male wrestled with him it rotates daybreak.” Genesis 22,24

“When i lie under I think, ‘How long before I obtain up?’ The night drags on, and also I toss and also turn until dawn.” project 7:4

Other times, passages refer to darkness as both the black sky above them and also the longing for God’s existence within them. In one of two people case, they know God can lug the light they need.

“My spirit yearns because that you in the night; in the morning my heart longs because that you.”Isaiah 26:9

“On my bed ns remember you: i think the you with the the town hall of the night. Because you space my help, i sing in the zero of her wings.” Psalm 63:6-7

“God is in ~ her, she will not fall; God will assist her at break of day.” Psalm 46:5

In both the Old and new Testaments, prophecy and also Apostles’ testimonies use the photo of the morning light in referral to the good News that Jesus’ coming. The authors proclaimed that God sent Him to conserve mankind out of the darkness, an interpretation their sinful lives. Jesus invites believers right into the dawn of a new and righteous method of living.

“The human being walking in darkness have actually seen a good light; ~ above those life in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.” Isaiah 9:2

“Because that the soft mercy of ours God, whereby the climbing sun will pertained to us from heaven to light on those life in darkness and also in the shadow of death, to overview our feet into the path of peace.” Luke 1:78-79

“The path of the righteous is choose the morning sun, shining ever before brighter it rotates the full light of day. Yet the means of the angry is choose deep darkness; they perform not understand what renders them stumble.” Proverbs 4:18-19

Whether we’re browsing the skies for the very first rays of the morning or seek the an initial victories in our battle with sin, this verses confirm that God is our true source of light.

5 positive Truths because that Christians Awaiting Dawn

Going through times that darkness can leave united state unsteady and even frightened. But by meditating on some of God’s promises, we can uncover a measure of confidence in the murkiness. These truths have led me to deeper trust and also dependence top top Him.

1. God continues to be with us in the Darkness.

“By job the lord directs his love, at night his tune is v me.” Psalm 42:8

2. God will certainly Light Our paths through the Darkness.

“You, Lord, are my lamp; the Lord transforms my darkness right into light.” 2 Samuel 22:29

3. God can Calm Our fears of the Dark.

“You will certainly not are afraid the terror of night...nor the pestilence the stalks in the darkness.”Psalm 91:5-6

4. God offers Us a way to was standing in the Darkness.

“In this people you will have actually trouble. However take heart! I have overcome the world.” man 16:33

5. God desires to use the Darkness to make Us more like Christ

“Consider that pure joy, mine brothers and sisters, at any time you face trials of plenty of kinds, due to the fact that you recognize that the testing of your belief produces perseverance. Let perseverance complete its work-related so that you may be mature and complete.” James 1:2-4

No one wants to suffer hardship. However even together we wait in the darkness, we have a factor for hope. As believers, our belief is not simply in a comforting saying, yet in the reality that God meets us where us are, and creates something new and bright out of ours troubles.

Prayer for Awaiting Dawn

Heavenly Father, the expression “It’s darkest just prior to dawn,” has a fuller meaning for me now. I’ve learned that because of You, I can hold on v dark times, knowing that You space working. Thank You for the expect this truth brings to mine heart.

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Lord, native the beginning, You’ve lugged light out of the darkness. Indigenous the creation of the civilization to sending Your Son, shining right into black or shadowy places has actually been part of her plan. So, whether we challenge darkness out in the human being or in ~ our own hearts, we can rest in the knowledge that we will view Your goodness.

I pray the You will help me to view trials as methods to look for your hand. And also please lead me come share Your guarantees with rather who are at your darkest point. In Jesus’ Name, Amen