What is the Molar Volume that a Gas in ~ STP?

The Mole and also the Volume that Gas

It is fairly tricky to discover the variety of moles of a gas by weighing its mass. Chemists determine the variety of moles of any gas by measuring its volume. However, this cannot be done for solids and also liquids.It is found that under the exact same temperature and pressure, equal quantities of every gases save on computer the same number of particles. Therefore, chemists introduced the ide of molar volume.

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Molar volume of a gas is characterized as the volume that one mole the the gas.Thus, the molar volume is additionally the volume lived in by 6.02 x 1023 particles of gas.The molar volume of any kind of gas is 22.4 dm3 mol-1 in ~ STP or 24 dm3 mol-1 at room conditions.Note: STP refers to standard temperature the 0°C and also pressure the 1 atmosphere. Room problems refer come the temperature the 25°C and the push of 1 atmosphere.This means that one mole of any type of gas rectal the same volume at STP, i beg your pardon is 22.4 dm3. Under room conditions, one mole of any kind of gas rectal 24 dm3.
number above Each of these balloons contains 6.02 x 1023 gas molecules.The adhering to relationship shows exactly how the volume that a gas can be converted to the number of moles and vice versa.
In calculations, make certain that the volume the gas and also the molar volume are of the same unit, the is, both are in cm3 or both space in dm3. Remember, 1 dm3 = 1000 cm3

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The Mole and the Volume the Gas problems with Solutions

1. What is the volume of 0.4 mole that carbon dioxide gas at STP?Solution:Given the variety of moles the carbon dioxide, CO2 = 0.4 molTherefore, the volume of CO2 = variety of moles that CO2 x molar volume at STP= 0.4 x 22.4 dm3 = 8.96 dm3

2. Uncover the number of moles of ammonia gas had in a sample that 60 cm3 that the gas in ~ room conditions. Solution:


The Relationship Between Mole, variety of particles, Mass and Volume

The complying with shows the relationships in between the variety of moles, variety of particles, mass and volume of gases.


In many calculations, we an initial convert various other quantities such together the number of particles, massive or volume come the variety of moles (refer to Table).

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Table: summary of procedures in calculations involving the number of moles

From mass to volumeMass → variety of moles → volume
From volume to massVolume → number of moles → mass
From volume to number of particlesVolume → number of moles → number of particles
From number of particles to volumeNumber of corpuscle → number of moles → volume

The Relationship Between Mole, variety of particles, Mass and also Volume Problems with Solutions

1. What is the volume of 12 g of methane at STP? Solution:


2. A sample the 120 cm3 that carbon dioxide is accumulated at room conditions in an experiment. Calculate the mass of the sample that carbon dioxide.Solution:Given the volume the carbon dioxide, CO2 = 120 cm3 = 120/1000 dm3 = 0.12 dm3

Therefore, the mass of CO2 = variety of moles that CO2 × molar fixed of CO2 = 0.005 × <12 + 2(16)>= 0.005 × 44= 0.22 g

3. How countless hydrogen molecules room there in 6 dm3 the hydrogen gas at room conditions? Solution:


4. Find the volume of nitrogen gas in cm3 in ~ STP that consists of 2.408 × 1023 nitrogen molecules. Solution:


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