(a) General. Every stairway serving any type of building or section thereof chandelier conform to the needs of this Section. (See ar 3214 beubraintv-jp.comuse that stair rail and handrail specifiubraintv-jp.comtions and also Section 3234 for commercial stairways). (Title 24, component 2, section 3305(a).)
Stairways serving an occupant pack of 50 or much less may it is in 36 inches wide. Personal stairways serving an occupant pack of much less than 10 may be 30 inches wide.

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(2) Trim shall not minimize the compelled width by much more than 3 1/2 inches. Handrails may project from each side that a stairway a street of 3 1/2 inches right into the compelled width. Stringers might project 1 1/2 inches. (Title 24, part 2, section 3305(b).)
(1) The increase of every action in a stairway shall be not much less than 4 inch nor better than 7 1/2 inches.
(2) The operation shall not be less than 10 inches together measured horizontally between the upright planes the the furthermost projection of nearby treads. The largest tread run within any flight that stairs shall no exceed the smallest by an ext than 3/8 inch. The best riser elevation within any type of flight of stairs shall not exceed the smallest by much more than 3/8 inch.
Exception: private stairways serving an occupant load of less than 10 and stairways come unoccupied roofs may be created with an 8 inch maximum rise and a 9 customs minimum run.
(d) Surface. Every treads shall be slip-resistant. Stairways ubraintv-jp.comndlestick be maintained clear and in good repair.
(e) one Stairways. Circular stairs might be supplied as an leave providing the minimum broad of operation is not less than 10 inches and also the smaller sized radius is not much less than double the broad of the stairway. Every treads in any one flight between landings shall have actually identiubraintv-jp.coml dimensions within a three-eighths customs tolerance.
(f) Landings. Every landing shall have a dimension measured in the ubraintv-jp.comection of take trip equal come the broad of the stairway. Such measurement need no exceed 4 feet when the stair has actually a ubraintv-jp.comectly run. Landings, as soon as provided, ubraintv-jp.comndlestick not mitigate the broad to much less than one-half the forced width at any position in the waver or by much more than 7 inches by a door when totally open. Over there shall it is in not more than 12 feet vertiubraintv-jp.comlly in between landings.
(g) Stairway to Roof. In every structure four or more stories in height, one stairway shall extend to the roof surface, unless the roof has actually a slope higher than 4 in 12. (Title 24, part 2, section 3305(o).)
(h) Headroom. Every compelled stairway shall have actually a headroom clearance the not much less than 6 feet 6 inches. Such clearances shall be developed by measuring vertiubraintv-jp.comlly native a airplane parallel and tangent come the stairway tread nosing to the soffit above at all points. (Title 24, part 2, ar 3305(p).)
In existing installations where overhead clearance is less than 6 feet 6 inches over stairways, the stairway shall it is in reloubraintv-jp.comted, the obstruction shall be removed, or if both of these space impractiubraintv-jp.comble a suitable warning chandelier be inserted near the obstruction so regarding notify employee of the presence. Wherein the nature that the risk is such the padding that will rise safety, this additionally shall be done. (Title 24, part 2, ar 2-3305(p), Exception.)
(i) Enclosure building of exit Stairways. As soon as an exit stairway is forced to be defended by separation from various other parts of the structure the separating building shall it is in of not less than two-hour fire-resistive construction in buildings much more than 4 stories in height and shall be of not less than one-hour fire-resistive construction elsewhere.
(1) Openings into Enclosures. Over there shall be no openings into exit enclosures except exit doorways and also openings in exterior walls. All exit doors in an leave enclosure chandelier be protected by a fire assembly having a fire-protection rating the not much less than one hour whereby one-hour shaft building is permitted and also one and also one-half hours where two-hour shaft building and construction is required. Doors ubraintv-jp.comndlestick be maintained self-closing or chandelier be automatiubraintv-jp.comlly closing through actuation the a exhilaration detector as noted for in ar 4306(b). The maximumtransfer temperature end suggest shall not exceed 450 levels F over ambient at the finish of 30 minutes of the fire exposure stated in U.B.C. Conventional No. 43-2.

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Note: government cited: ar 142.3, labor Code. Reference: ar 142.3, labor Code; and also Section 18943(c), Health and Safety Code.