The form of the land established by elevation, relief, and landforms.

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ELEVATIONHeight above sea level.
RELIEFThe distinction in elevation in between the highest and lowest components of an area.
LANDFORMA function of topography created by the processes that shaped Earth’s surface.
LANDFORM REGIONA big area the land where the topography is similar.
PLAINA landform consisted of of flat or gently rolling land through low relief.
MOUNTAINA landform v high elevation and also high relief.
MOUNTAIN RANGEA collection of mountains that have the same basic shape and structure.
PLATEAUA landform that has a more or less level surface and is elevated high above sea level.
LITHOSPHEREA rigid layer consisted of of the uppermost component of the mantle and the crust. One of 4 spheres into which researchers divide Earth.
COREEarth’s sense center, made up of the hard inner core and the molten outer core.
MANTLEThe great of hot, heavy material between Earth’s crust and also core.
CRUSTThe layer of rock that creates Earth’s external surface.
ROCKThe material that develops Earth’s tough surface.
GEOLOGYThe research of the solid Earth.
MAPA version of every or part of Earth’s surface ar as seen from above.
GLOBEA ball that represents earth surface.
SCALEUsed to compare street on a map or world to street on earth surface.
SYMBOLSOn a map, photos used by mapmakers to stand for functions on earth surface.
KEYA perform of the symbols supplied on a map.
EQUATORAn imaginary heat halfway in between the North and South poles that circles Earth.
HEMISPHEREOne fifty percent of the sphere that provides up earth’s surface.
PRIME MERIDIANThe heat that renders a fifty percent circle indigenous the phibìc Pole come the southern Pole, passing with Greenwich, England.
DEGREEA unit provided to measure up distance about a circle. One level equals 1/360 the a complete circle.
LATITUDEThe distance north or south from the equator, measured in degrees.
LONGITUDEThe street in degree east or west the the element meridian.
MAP PROJECTIONA framework of lines that helps to display landmasses top top a level surface.
SATELLITE IMAGEPictures the the land surface based on computer data gathered from satellites.
PIXELThe small dots in a satellite image.
DIGITIZINGConverting info to number for use by a computer.
TOPOGRAPHIC MAPA map that reflects the surface attributes of an area.
CONTOUR LINEA heat on a topographic map the connects point out of equal elevation.
CONTOUR INTERVALThe distinction in key from one contour line to the next.

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GLOBAL placing SYSTEMA method of detect latitude and longitude using satellites.