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The U.S. Army Family and also Morale, Welfare and Recreation(the G9 department of the U.S. Army Installation administration Command,known as army MWR) manages programs and also services that assistance readiness and resilience because that Soldiers and also Families. Itswork improves the resides of Soldiers, Families, Reservists, nationwide Guard members, DoD Civilians, Retirees and the whole U.S. Army community.Family and MWRPrograms are ceded primarily with a regional garrison or installation.To learn an ext about the resources available at your regional garrison, visit theArmy MWRwebsite.
army Family Team structure (AFTB) is a family training and also readiness routine that offers participants with a far better understanding of military culture, and also the skills and resources needed to end up being resilient, self-sufficient and self-reliant members the the military community. In order to remain relevant in today’s an altering Army and to store the AFTB routine up-to-date with the requirements of family members members, the routine undergoes periodic reviews and also updates.While continuing to be true to the root of AFTB (knowledge, an individual growth, leadership), these updates addresssome that the alters seen in the military and civilian communities.

Mission Statement

military Family Team structure empowers individuals, maximizing their personal growth and also professional advance through dedicated training, transforming our neighborhood into a resilient and also strong structure meeting today"s military mission.


AFTB values excellence in:Quality training -- the is ours signature; the is who we are and also what we do!Resourcefulness -- The capacity to get rid of challenges.Life-Long finding out -- avenues that accomplish the needs of ours community.


AFTB"s objectives are to:Prepare people through dedicated training generating flexible, adaptive and capable Soldiers, Families and Civilian. Enhance an individual growth and also professional advancement by leveraging one adaptive curriculum and modern technology meeting the requirements of the transforming military. Employ sources to build and strengthen enduring partnerships causing resilient strong communities.
A1: Army family members Team structure is a series of cultivate modules taught v your local army Community service office or virtual that covering topics together as simple information about the Army, an individual growth an abilities and management skills. AFTB improves an individual and family members preparedness which enhances overall army readiness and helps America’s army adapt to a transforming world.
A2: AFTB help you to not just cope with, yet enjoy the armed forces lifestyle. Plenty of of the courses have the right to be applied toward resume and career building, self-development and also leadership skills. AFTB offers the knowledge and self-confidence come take responsibility for yourself and your family. The training is available to Soldiers, family members, and Department that Defense civilians and volunteers.
A3: AFTB Level ns Modules train an easy information around the Army.

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Learn about the military life and how to maneuver v daily difficulties by discovering exactly how to decipher military acronyms, utilize neighborhood Resources, attain better financial readiness and understand the score and impact of the army mission on daily life.AFTB Level II Modules train an individual growth skills.Grow personally v self-development modules. Learn just how to enhance your communication skills, personal relationships, and also stress management skills. Discover how teams kind and grow, exactly how to fix problems and how to resolve an individual conflict. Get knowledge on military traditions, customs, courtesies and also protocol.

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AFTB Level III Modules train leadership skills.Thrive in the Army and also civilian life by broadening leadership skills, effective interaction techniques and learning come mentor others into leadership positions. Learn around the various leadership styles, how to operation an efficient meeting, how to regulate group conflict and how come coach and mentor others.