Conversion the mass right into energy. When an atom is split, the mass will certainly be slightly less, and this weight difference will it is in converted right into energy. Ns hope that helps!

Conversion that mass right into energy


In chemical reactions, the massive is conserved. In chemistry reaction the matter cannot be produced nor it is in destroyed.

While in atom reaction, the fixed is no conserved. The mass it s okay converted come energy.

The relationship is : E= mc²

Thus in atom reactions incredible amount of energy is released.

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In both fission and blend reactions mass gets converted come energy.




The number of protons in ~ the atom"s cell nucleus is referred to as atomic number and also is equal to the number of electrons in any type of neutral atom. Each atomic number identifies a particular element, but not the a) cation. B) ion. C) isotope. D) molecule,
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What quantity of warmth is exchanged as soon as 106.2 grams of problem y goes native a fluid at 35 levels celsius to a solid at the exact same temperature? melting point of problem y = 35 levels c; δhvaporization = 3.67 j/mol; δhfusion = 3.30 j/mol. Mwsubstance y = 28.22 g/mol. −12.4 j −3.51 x 102 j 1.24 x 101 j 351 j
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Hòa tan 5,6g FE vào 200g dung dịch HCL thu được FECL2 và H2a)tính VH2(ĐKC)b)tính C% của dung dịch thu được...
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Cho hình chóp S. ABCD có đáy ABCD là hìnhvuông cạnh a, SD = 3a2. Hình chiếu vuông góccủa S trên mặt phẳng (ABCD) là trung điểm H...
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Resuelva las siguientes operaciones con funciones: Si f(x) = 7x – 4, g(x) = x + 9 y h(x) = 2x + 3, encuentraa. (f + g )(x)b. (h + g )(x)
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