When stepping ~ above the good Wall of China, we will certainly feel we are so small on it, and it seems endless. So you may ask “Where is the start suggest of the great Wall?” Yes, the endless good Wall does have a start point that can be uncovered at Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu district which is located in the southwest of China.

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Jiayuguan, which method the “excellent valley pass” is the starting pass ~ above the western finish of the great Wall. The is located at the narrowest point of the Hexi Corridor’s western section, i m sorry is 6km southwest that Jiayuguan City that Gansu Province.

Legend that the Jiayuguan Pass

The an excellent Wall construction started in 1372 throughout the Ming Dynasty, however the Jiayuguan Pass would certainly not be achieved 168 years later. There are numerous legends around the building and construction of the Pass. One legend go that once this component of an excellent wall to be being planned, the officer in fee asked the designer to estimate how many bricks required and tell him. The officer assumed the number could be not enough, for this reason the designer included one. As soon as the pass was lastly completed, according to the legend, there was one extra brick. And also this extra brick is the one places loosened on one gate where you can still find today.

The happen is a trapezoidal city wall surface 11 meter high and 733m around, covering an area end 33,500 square meters. There room 3 protective lines: the inside city, the external city and a moat. That is the most finish existing old military design among every one of the passes of the great Wall, which is additionally famous together the “First and also Greatest pass under Heaven
In addition of the many amazing protective system used for prevent intruders at the border in ancient dynasties, the happen is additionally an indispensable station on the means of the old silk road. The happen was the starting place because that exile for the prisoners or ex-officials.

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Tower of great Wall in Jiayuguan pass Section


The exact spot of the begins of the an excellent Wall to be the very first beacon tower i m sorry is one earthen mound now, developed in 1539. Originally, the tower was 14 meter high, broad and long. Hundreds years later, it has actually reduce to this mound ~ erosion and also weathering. There to be 39 beacon towers around and inside Jiayuguan Pass. These towers were important for militaries at the time. Once the adversary troops came and approached, soldiers ~ above the tower would certainly see and also transfer signals by the light or smoke of fire, waving flags to various other towers as sort of alarm system.
Nowdays, the local government of Jiayuguan City has actually been functioning to an increase the tourism of this beginning pass that the an excellent Wall the China. Recently even launching a TV competition aims to draw dozens of stations’ fist of the old pass. Now, much more and an ext people have the right to come and see the site.

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