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This week’s tune is a song around finding happiness and also getting past the negative points in our lives.

A Song about Finding Happiness

“Dog Days space Over” – by Florence + The Machine

Florence and The machine is one indie rock group from London, England. The band consists of the key vocalist, Florence Welch, Isabella Summers top top the keyboard, and also Rob Ackroyd ~ above the guitar. Due to the fact that the development of the band in 2007, they have actually won various awards and recognition because that their distinct blend that music styles. The hit solitary “Dog Days space Over” has actually been used in a variety of television series and films around the people including, Gossip Girl, Skins, and Eat Pray Love. The catchy track is a song about finding happiness and also realizing the there will be a irradiate at the finish of the tunnel. No issue what hardships we are facing we will certainly reach a suggest when the “dog days room over,” and also the battles will every be in the past. It’s a an excellent song that urges the listener come run in the direction of happiness and leave every one of the hardships behind.

“…The horses are comes so you better run”

Happiness, struggle her favor a train on a trackComing towards her, grounding still no turning backShe hid around corners and also she hid under bedsShe eliminated it through kisses and also from the she fledWith every bubble she sank v a drinkAnd washed the away under the kitchen sink
Run fast for your mom run rapid for her fatherRun because that your youngsters for your sisters and brothersLeave all your love and your longing behind youCan’t carry it v you if you want to survive
The dog days room overThe dog days room doneCan’t you hear the horses‘Cause right here they come
Happiness hit her like a bullet in the backStruck from a good heightBy someone who need to know far better than that
Run quick for your mother and fast for your fatherRun for your children for your sisters and also brothersLeave all your love and your loving behind youCan’t lug it with you if you desire to survive
The dog days are overThe dog days room doneCan you hear the horses‘Cause below they come
The dog days space overThe dog days room doneCan girlfriend hear the horses‘Cause here they come

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The dog days space overThe dog days space doneThe horses are comingSo you better run

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