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Andrew the Crete, Andrews, Andreyev, Andria, Andrić, andro-, androblastoma, androcentric, Androcles, Androcles and the Lion, androclinium

The combine form andro- is offered like a prefix meaning “male.” that is regularly used in scientific terms, particularly in biology.

The form andro- comes from Greek anḗr, definition “man.” The surname of the princess Andromeda native Greek mythology originates from this same Greek root. Her name has actually been analyzed as “ruler of man.”

What space variants the andro-?

When an unified with native or word aspects that begin with a vowel, andro- i do not care andr-, together in andragogy.

Though this aren’t true variants, andro- is concerned the combining develops -androus and -andry. Want to recognize more? inspect out our Words that Use posts for every form.

Examples of andro-

One example of a word friend may have actually encountered that functions the form andro- is androgynous, “neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance.” Androgynous originates from the Greek andrógynos, definition “hermaphrodite,” which offers the equivalent form of andro-.

The andro- part of the word way “male,” when the -gynous part, native Greek -gynos, way “of females.” Androgynous literally means roughly “like a male and also a female.”

What are some words that use the combining form andro-?

What space some other creates that andro- may be generally confused with?

Break that down!

The combining type -cracy method “government” or “rule.” with this in mind, what is an androcracy?

How to use andro- in a sentence

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British ubraintv-jp.com meanings for andro-


before a collection andr-

combining form
male; masculineandrosterone
(in botany) stamen or antherandroecium

Word origin for andro-

from Greek anēr (genitive andros) man

Medical definitions for andro-


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Male; masculine:androgen.


buttenoun | SEE DEFINITION
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