Active cell
The cell shown with a interlocutor border. Also called the selected cell.

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BoundaryThe bar separating the obelisk letters at the top of the worksheet.
Adjacent cellsCells the are alongside each other.
Cell referenceThe obelisk letter and row number that recognize a cell, such as B3.
Cell stylesUsed to use several formats in one step.
Circular referenceAn error that occurs once a formula references the cabinet it is save on computer in.
ColumnsVertical component of the worksheet grid established by the letter A to Z and AA come XFD.
DataInformation stored in a worksheet. Categorized together either label, value, or date/time.
Fill handleThe heavy square in the lower-right edge of a selected cell the is dragged to copy the components of a cabinet to adjacent cells.
AutofillUses the fill handle to copy the contents of a cell to adjacent cells.
FormulaMathematical statement offered to calculation a value. A formula must constantly begin with an same sign.
Formula barDisplays the active cell's contents. Located over the cells.
GridlinesSolid currently that note off the rows and columns in a worksheet.
HeadingsRow numbers and also column letters.
LabelText stored in a cell that cannot be used in calculations.
Name boxDisplays the cell reference of the active cell. Located at the height of the worksheet.
Order the operationsThe precedence Excel follows to advice a mathematics expression.
Page Layout viewView that screens the worksheet together a published page.
PointingClicking a cabinet to ar its referral in a formula.
RangeSelection of two or an ext cells.
RowHorizontal component of the worksheet grid determined by the numbers 1 to 1,048,576.
Sheet tabUsed to screen a worksheet.
SpreadsheetAn application offered to store and also analyze data.
TemplateA grasp workbook that contains the simple elements because that a particular type of workbook.
ValueNumeric data that have the right to be offered in calculations.
WorkbookAn Excel file.

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WorksheetSheets in an Excel workbook
AutosumFunction provided to automatically add cell references.
Date/Time/CurrencyNumber formats in Excel