Anime together a genre isn’t always known for its solid female characters. In fact, it may be far better known for its scantily clad female characters and their difficult anatomy! However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lot of of tremendous badass ladies in this world. From warrior to princesses, standard film to new series, we’ve acquired some the the the strongest (and ideal loved) female characters in the human being of Japanese animation for you.

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Yuuki Asuna, Sword arts Online

Sword art Online exist in the civilization of one MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game), produced with ‘"full dive" technology — a helmet that enables users to become completely immersed in the human being of the game. However it likewise traps the an initial round of football player there until they win the game! While most of the frontline fighters are male players, there is one mrs player who come to be famous in the people of knife Art — Asuna, aka The Flash, a nickname that comes from the sheer rate at i m sorry she fights. She’s not just a powerful fighter, though. She loyal, kind, and an incredible cook, on height of the all.



Serena Tsukino, Sailor Moon

Originally referred to as Tsukino Usagi in the Japanese variation of this anime series, this character came to be Serena for an American audience. She also ended up being one that the many loved anime characters for young girls in the nineties. A relatable (and slightly ditzy) young girl, she is also the reincarnation that the Princess that the Moon Kingdom, and also uses she powers to transform into the heroic seafarer Moon. That course, everyone who loves Sailor Moon has actually their own favorite seafarer Scout, yet there’s small doubt the Serena is more than likely the most recognizable.



Erza, Fairy Tail

In this fantasy universe, magic users separate themselves into guilds, and one the the the strongest members the the Fairy Tail guild is Erza Scarlet. An additional incredibly powerful fighter, this mage provides requip magic to readjust weapons and armor — even mid-fight! she’s the an interpretation of a badass, and her sword magic is near-unparalleled. She’s likewise able come make also the wildest members the this wildest guild law (which may be why she also served as Guild master for a while).




Ruby Rose, RWBY

Although this one is technically American-made, RWBY is a favorite anime for fans of the style who room looking for solid female characters because the core four characters and also main antagonist are all women. And they"re training together Huntresses to protect their human being from the monsters called Grimm! All 4 of the titular personalities (Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang) are incredible instances of women warriors, yet Ruby, v her High Caliber Sniper Scythe named Crescent Rose, may simply be the the strongest of them all.



San, Princess Mononoke

In the classic Studio Ghibli film, Princess Mononoke, mountain is likewise known as the wolf Princess and also Wolf Girl since she was elevated by the wolf Goddess Moro. She considers herself an ext wolf 보다 human. As such, she is a do not be afraid fighter, yet she is a powerful female character because that so much much more than that; for her devotion to she people, for her willingness to offer others a chance despite their humanity, and also finally, for she refusal to ago down and readjust who she really is transparent the film.



Sophie Hatter, Howl"s relocating Castle

Unlike the remainder of the characters on this list, Sophie no a warrior woman — but the doesn’t typical that she isn’t a strong female character! She is an example of a really different kind of strength, the type that come from emerging self confidence, and also from staying faithful to her duty and also to her desire to assist others. Throughout her adventures with Howl, she proves it s her to it is in smart, capable, and also cool in a crisis…and that is as lot strength as the capability to totter a sword is.



Major Motko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Movie fans who didn’t watch the initial Ghost in the Shell might still be somewhat familiar with the character of major from Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of her in live activity (even if the film was a little bit of a flop!). Major is a cyborg, working for the federal government in a future world and using her incredible an abilities to bring criminals to justice. However, she battles with the concept of her very own humanity, and it’s in this search for me (as much as she fight scenes) that Major’s strength really shines through.

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Mikasa Ackerman, Attack top top Titan

In the people of Attack on Titan, mankind lives in walled cities, attempting to survive the ravages the the monsters known as Titans — monsters that would eat any kind of human that they can. Mikasa is one of the soldiers who battles the Titans to protect the city, and although she would quite live peacefully, she rose through the ranking to end up being an remarkable soldier. She is stoic, patient, and incredibly strong, yet still loves and also balances she cynicism through a desire to watch the beauty, beauty in the world.

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