It’s been 6 years because The Haunted Hathaways finished on Nickelodeon. The present follows a single mother and her two daughters who discover that your home has actually been haunted through a father and his 2 sons. The stars Amber Frank (Montana), Curtis Harris, Benjamin “Lil’ P-Nut” Flores, Jr.

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, Breanna Yde, Ginifer King, and Chico Benymon. Right here is what The Haunted Hathaways actors has to be up to because then!

Amber frank (Montana) – “Taylor Hathaway”

Amber Frank, previously known as Amber Montana, has actually done several movies after The Haunted Hathaways. She filmography consists of Christmas almost everywhere Again, Vanished, Emma’s Chance, Destined to Ride, Party Ride, and Hubie Halloween. The Haunted Hathaways actors member also had the lead voice function in the man series, Spirit riding Free.

In 2021, Frank has actually an upcoming voice duty and in The Adventures of bunny Bravo and also a role in the film, Growing increase Gorman.

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She has been dating former Emblem3 member Wesley Stromberg due to the fact that 2016.

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Curtis Harris – “Miles Preston”

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