I inherited a Cable agency Kingsbury piano. The serial number is 125987. Could I acquire an almost right age? Is it precious restoring?

It"s kingsbury Chicago. Believed I said that sorry. Ns should point out that the in poor condition. I"d be ready to pay to acquire it revitalized if it ended up being a gorgeous high end piano I might keep. Or if I can sell it because that a chunk an ext than the would expense to restore. Execute you have actually an estimate in its present state? (Pretty bad, chips, dings, the winter in peak is cracked and also broken, lacking pedals)

What do you average make it look smaller? its taller through the winter on top. Sorry I"m not acquainted with the term "cut down" either.

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send a photo. This pianos were originally about 52" or more, piano men modified lock cutting several of the top and also taking the end the several of the upper case. Send a photo. Cut-down uprights were modified to make them look smaller sized in a room. Many of lock were standard grade piano...piano shops would certainly not change high quality upright...those to be rebuilt. Send a photo.


Just wondering what around a kingsbury the cable company Chicago serial number73208. What year, is it precious anything.

piano is 57inches tall. Really beautiful tone. One dead vital missing feeling pad. One black vital needs extra persuasion. Six ivory keys need new tops. Mechanically have the right to these repairs be addressed? Movers stated it to be the most heavy piano castle had ever moved. My guess it"s 8/4 oak.

piano is 57inches tall. Yes, really beautiful tone. One dead crucial missing feel pad. One black vital needs extra persuasion. Six cream color keys need new tops. Mechanically can these repair be addressed? Movers stated it to be the most difficult piano lock had ever before moved. Mine guess it"s 8/4 oak.

sell it because that what you can get. It has actually to be able to tune to A=440hz, conventional pitch. If it will certainly not track to 440, the worth is 0. Speak to a piano technician to check the tuning possibilities and also other issues.

in bespeak to offer this piano, it must be tuned to 440...no one will certainly buy a piano that will certainly NOT track to 440. Ns doesn"t matter what that looks prefer or just how clean that is...Tuning is a must.

good luck


So, ns did a tiny digging...its a Euphona, yet it doesnt have actually the player. My mom said at one time it did, they had it removed because it was broken and rendered the piano inop, therefore they take it it out. I discovered a snapshot online the a completely restored Euphona that marketed for $18,000 but i very doubt i can get close come $18,000 restored. Is a finish restoration worth the monitary investment? If so, approx just how much would a complete restore operation me? Thoughts?

Oh wow for this reason beautiful. I recently saw one this day #72164 for $75. Is it worth the buy? Restoring it could be over 6000.

sad to say is the you don"t use serial number to discover out value.

SN is just for dates.

However, most old uprights execute not have a value because they have issues. The first thing you perform is to check tuning with the speak meter to view if the piano will organize tune in ~ A=440hz.

If it will NOT tune and also hold come 440, the value of the piano is 0.

Same because that "restoration". To actually reclaim an old piano, the expense would around $11,000. This is for huge shops or far better yet manufacturing facility that have skilled artisans that space specialists.

I can tell you everything around it, but you need to just play about with pianos till you decide to end up being a piano technician etc.

good lucky


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